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Glowday Profile Secret Sauce: 8 Ways to Improve Your Glowday Profile

So, you’ve joined Glowday (and if you haven’t, you totally should!) and you might be thinking about the sorts of things you can do to set your profile apart from the rest. What can you do to make clients want to book with you over other practitioners in your area? Here are 8 top tips to make your Glowday profile stand out from the crowd.

1. Check out the competition

If you were putting your house up for sale, you’d pop onto Rightmove and see what you’re up against, right? It’s the same with Glowday. Search for a treatment in your area and check out who you’re up against, locally. Be honest and subjective. Would you choose you? What do you like about other profiles? What do you definitely not like? Have a think about how best to appeal to your target client.

2. Make your Glowday profile pop with great photography

We’ve seen that the first thing clients do when they search on Glowday is scroll through a practitioner's photos.

What catches their eye? Top-notch photography of you looking happy (and your team, if you have one), your clinic, and the specific areas of your clinic where the treatments take place. These photos are their first impression of you. They give them a taste of what they can expect before they’ve even stepped through your door. So, it’s really important that your photos are high-quality to attract clients - nothing blurry or out-of-focus that won’t do you justice. Good photos = more bookings.

If you want really great photography for your profile, Glowday will be offering a professional photography package to make sure you and your clinic are captured in the best way. You’ll get a 1-hour photoshoot, 12 professional photos (that are also professionally enhanced), and a mix of head shots, team photos and clinic photos. Want to find out more? Send us an email at Alternatively, give it a go yourself with our handy guide to making your photos pop.

3. Show off your qualifications and experience in your Glowday practitioner bio

On Glowday, you’ll have two biography sections: your practitioner bio and your clinic bio. And it’s your practitioner bio where you can really exhibit your amazing skills and talent as an aesthetic practitioner. And believe us when we say potential clients read EVERY WORD.

It’s a great space for you to show-off your background and really prove to people browsing Glowday that they should book with you. So, tell potential customers about your medical background, your education, aesthetics training courses you’ve attended, and any other experiences you’ve had as an aesthetic practitioner that really make you stand out. Your qualifications and experience are two of the most important things clients will be looking for in a practitioner, giving them peace of mind they’re booking with the best. So, make sure you talk about all of this in your bio. Still struggling? Take a read of our bio writing guide here.

4. Remind clients to leave you a great review

Your local reputation is everything. And one of the best ways for potential clients to decide whether to book an appointment with you is by looking at reviews from other customers. This will give them a great indication of the service they’ll receive by choosing your clinic. Being able to read other people’s positive experiences at your clinic will encourage new clients to book with you too.

To get you started, pop some existing clients into your Glowday diary. For free!

After a client has received a treatment, Glowday will invite them to leave a review (this way, only people who have actually had a treatment can leave one). So, it’s a good idea to remind your clients to look out for the invitation and hop on to Glowday to write a review, post-treatment, just so they don’t forget.

5. Upload before and after photos

Uploading before and after photos to your clients treatment cards is another great way to show clients your amazing work and really boost your Glowday profile. These are automatically published (subject to client permission), and they’re a great way to showcase the work you do, and give clients an idea about your aesthetic. This allows them to get a feel for whether or not you are the right practitioner for them.

6. Make sure your pricing reflects your brand, experience and local market

This is a tricky one. It needs to be a bit like Goldilocks's porridge...just right!

Don’t discount and sell yourself short. You have skills, experience, training and great products. Glowday is a place for medically qualified practitioners; you are not priced against non-medic injectors.

Potential clients will check the prices of the practitioners who have caught their eye. They tend to focus on three or four practitioners and research EVERTHING about them, including their prices.

It’s a good idea to check that the prices of your treatments match your brand, your training and qualifications as a practitioner, and that they’re not too out of place in comparison to other clinics in your area who you feel on par with.

7. Keep your Glowday diary up-to-date with lots of availability

Your Glowday diary provides you with the means to stay nice and organised, and helps you stay on top of your bookings, whether they’re made online, directly by clients, or you take them over-the-phone or in person. And, since it’s visible to clients who want to check your availability and book appointments themselves, it’s vital that you stay on top of it and make sure it’s up-to-date at all times - with lots of availability for bookings. Otherwise, you run the risk of double bookings, which could leave clients upset and frustrated.

8. Highlight membership of professional organisations in your profile

If you’re a member of an organisation such as BCAM, JCCP, BACN, etc., make sure you include this in your practitioner bio. Even as a medically qualified practitioner who clearly knows their stuff about aesthetic treatments, telling your clients you’re part of a body such as these will really show them that you’re committed to safe and ethical practice.

Following these top tips will really help your profile jump out to potential clients on Glowday.

Not joined Glowday yet? Find out more about the amazing benefits here, or contact our clinic onboarding superstar Leigh on or 07376047260

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