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How Anti-Wrinkle Treatments Can Combat the Effects of Seasons on Your Skin

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe - but have you thought about how your skin changes with the warm and cold weather? Yes, our skin reacts differently to different weather types. And it isn’t as easy as shopping for a new coat or pair of shorts. So, how exactly does it change, and how can Botox help combat the effects of the seasons on your skin? Let’s take a look…

How the sun affects our skin

We all love the sun. Most of us dream of lovely long sun-filled holidays, but as wonderful as it is, as well as potentially damaging the skin, the sun can cause premature ageing (sigh!). So, how does this happen? Well, over time, UV rays damage the elastin and collagen that naturally occur within our skin, reducing firmness and causing sagging. It’s not just a case of going out on really hot days without sunscreen either (though this definitely isn’t advised), but is actually caused by gradual exposure.

A good skincare routine that includes moisturiser and a high SPF sunscreen is a must, as is drinking plenty of water, but one way to help reduce dynamic lines on the face are anti-wrinkle injections. A tiny dose of Botullinum toxin is injected into the target area, and works by interrupting the ‘conversation’ between the nerves and muscles, stopping the muscles from contracting on a temporary basis and thereby reducing the appearance of lines. This results in younger, smoother looking skin.

Bright sun results in frown lines

Sunglasses are great for those super sunny days, but even when we are actually wearing shades, some just aren’t strong enough to stop us from squinting. Over exercising the muscles between our eyes through squinting can lead to frown lines (AKA 11s) - the vertical lines between our eyebrows.

Frown lines can be fixed with anti-wrinkle injections - minimising their appearance and making us look less frustrated.

Cold weather means dry skin

Colder environments often mean less moisture in the air, and as a consequence, less moisture in the skin. So, our faces can feel pretty dry in the autumn and winter months. This isn’t helped by hot showers, heating and not drinking as much water - all of which can cause our skin to become even drier and lead to premature dynamic wrinkles.

Exfoliating the skin is important in order to get rid of dead skin cells, and using a rich moisturiser at least twice a day is essential, but won’t actually get rid of the lines themselves. However, anti-wrinkle injections can dramatically reduce their appearance, and help make skin look rejuvenated.

Great skin in any season comes down to several things: drinking plenty of water, a good diet, using the right skincare and making sure you apply a high SPF sun cream. However, if you have started to notice fine lines and wrinkles creeping up on your face, wrinkle relaxing is a great non-invasive way to reduce their appearance.

Looking for more anti-wrinkle-related info? Our anti-wrinkle treatment guide contains everything you need to know.

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