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Five Top Tips for Selecting a Practitioner

With the images of frozen faces and expressionless zombies being (thankfully) increasingly replaced with more appealing role modes (Michelle Keegan, Holly Willoughby, Adele) who use injectables to simply enhance their natural features, it seems that more and more of us are now turning to Botox to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles (as well as several years). But how do you know where to go for a safe and incredible treatment? Here are our top tips for selecting a practitioner.

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While wrinkle relaxing injections (or botulinum toxin) can be a great way to help create or maintain your best you, it’s important to know you can trust the person administering it. We’ve all seen amazing examples anti-wrinkle injections done well, but, unfortunately, there are also too many examples out there of wrinkle relaxing gone wrong.

So, how do make sure you’re getting the best possible anti-wrinkle treatment?

Here are our five top tips for selecting a practitioner. Don't forget, you can also use Glowday to find a provider near you. We have checked and verified that everyone is medically qualified, trained and insured, meaning that you can be confident your face is in the safest hands possible.

1. Look at your practitioner's qualifications

The increasing popularity of anti-wrinkle injections has led to an uplift in the number of places offering it. But how do you know the practitioner is fully qualified?

Looking out for the types of qualifications the practitioner holds, and their level of experience is key. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their certificates and training, how many procedures they’ve done and whether they’re part of a recognised professional association, such as GDC, GMC, NMC or HCPC. You also need to ensure that they are a prescriber, or, if they aren't, you have a consultation with your prescriber.

2. Check out their reviews

Word of mouth and reviews are strong indicators of how good a professional is. Reading tons of great reviews regarding the level of care and hygiene can fill you with confidence that you’re selecting the right one. But if a practitioner is getting a lot of negative reviews, stay well away. Check out before and after images too, as these give a good indication of the kind of look a practitioner acheives. Check them out over on our search tool!

3. Find out the cost

As with anything, anti-wrinkle treatment price can vary greatly, but one thing you should look for is a practitioner who is upfront and transparent about costs. Will it be a single course, or will you need to go back for more treatments several months down the line? If so, how much will this cost you in the long run? Anti-wrinkle injections tend to be charged per area, with some practitioners offering discounts for multiple areas, and you can generally expect to pay somewhere in the region of £175-£300 per area.

Don’t let hidden costs be the cause of any additional lines! And be wary of places that are offering cheap Botox that seems too good to be true - it probably is.

4. Find out about consultations and aftercare

Anti-wrinkle treatments are medical procedures using prescription medicines, it’s important to know you’re in safe hands. So, looking for a practitioner who will provide the consultations and aftercare you need is essential.

Turning up on the day of the appointment without having had any information on the treatment is a no-no. Instead, expect a practitioner to take the time to explain the procedure during a consultation, where they will discuss why it is, or isn't suitable for you, and what you can expect. Aftercare is important too, and your practitioner should see you again after your treatment to answer any questions you have and check on your results.

5. Ask about insurance

It’s never nice to imagine that anything will go wrong during a treatment, but it is important to consider whether if it actually did, the clinic has the appropriate insurance that will cover you.

At Glowday, we only list qualified healthcare practitioners, so you can be sure they know what they're doing. Our platform also allows you to check out their profile, credentials and reviews to make sure you’re happy before you book.

Ready to tackle forehead lines, bunny lines or frown lines? Why not book a consultation with a medically qualified practitioner in your area? Get glowing!

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