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Dynamic Lines: Reducing Lines and Wrinkles

So, you may have noticed a few lines creeping onto your face recently (mine is starting to look like a road map!), and maybe you’re wondering what you can do to make them less noticeable. While great skincare and makeup can do wonders, the most effective and immediate solution for certain lines is Botox.

But the anti-wrinkle injection doesn’t work on every type of line on the face. In fact, wrinkle relaxing is only used to reduce dynamic lines. Let’s take a look at the different dynamic lines found on the face, and how this treatment helps minimise them.

What are dynamic lines?

At this point you might be wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Different kinds of lines? Aren’t they all just wrinkles? And you have a point but, yes, there are different types of lines: dynamic lines and static lines.

Dynamic lines are the lines caused by repeated expressions - the ones that generally disappear when we stop moving our face around. And we make a lot of facial expressions on a day-to-day basis, let alone the days that feel like an emotional roller coaster. Showing people your emotions without having to say anything is handy, but the lines that occur as a consequence can be a nightmare. These lines include frown lines (11s), forehead lines, crow’s feet, lipstick lines and bunny lines.

Let’s have a look at these in more detail...

Frown lines

When we’re disappointed or angry, our faces show it. Whether it’s your partner picking you up 2 hours late from the airport, a news story that’s annoyed you, or your gorgeous new coat getting splashed by a passing car (yes, this has happened to me and, yes, I’m still bitter about it), the face don’t lie. Show that fury! But beware those frown lines. Oh, and it’s not only frustration that creates frown lines (also known as 11s)! Bright sunshine that makes us squint also causes us to scrunch the muscles that create these lines, as can pain.

Forehead lines

Surprises can be great - but when we’re surprised, we raise our eyebrows, which leads to… you’ve guessed it… forehead lines. So, next time you find out a juicy piece of gossip, think about those raised eyebrows.

Crow’s feet

Squinting and smiling are the biggest culprits here. Bright sunshine makes us narrow our eyes, forcing the muscles around them to contract. And then there’s smiling - the nicest of facial expressions. When we smile, we crinkle up our eyes, which causes lines to develop in the corners of our eyes, like little crow feet imprints.

Lipstick lines

If you’re a smoker, puckering up your lips when you draw in your cigarette or e-cigarette is a sure way to develop lipstick lines. Or if you like a cocktail or two (who doesn’t?), drinking through a straw on a regular basis can also lead to lipstick lines.

Bunny lines

If you crinkle your nose when you smile or laugh, you might have noticed little lines starting to develop at the top of your nose. These are, very cutely named, bunny lines.

Enter Botulinum toxin: How does it work on dynamic lines?

Ok, ok, enough of what causes lines; let’s talk about how to get rid of them. To reduce the appearance of dynamic lines, botulinum toxin is a great option. There are several brands of botulinum toxin for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but the one that everyone knows seems to be Botox.

So, how does botulinum toxin work? Well, tiny amounts of the substance are injected into the target area to temporarily paralyse the muscles. Because the muscles are able to contract less, this means lines and wrinkles in that area relax and diminish. But it only works on the areas that are injected, so a wrinkle smoothing injection into the forehead won’t minimise crow’s feet or bunny lines.

The image below shows the typical areas people choose to get treated...

How long does it last on dynamic lines?

It isn’t a permanent fix - wrinkle relaxing lasts about three months, after which it is metabolised by the body. So, to maintain the effects, you’ll need to repeat the treatment. However, it can make a huge difference, minimising those wrinkles and taking years off you.

Facial expressions allow us to really show how we’re feeling, and we never want to get rid of them - just the lines that happen as a consequence. But it allows you to carry on expressing yourself in your most fabulous way.

So, never stop smiling, show your frustration when you’re annoyed, and enjoy that cocktail.

Discover more about anti-wrinkle injections in our handy treatment guide. And if you're interested in having a consultation to learn about the options available to takle frown lines, bunny lines, crow's feet or forehead lines? Why not book a consultation with a medically qualified practitioner in your area? Get glowing!

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