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How I Overcame Acne with Microneedling, Chemical Peels and Great Skincare

Sian, 34, from Derbyshire was on a mission to get rid of her acne. And she did it! All with the help of some microneedling, a chemical peel and some great skincare. She’s so chuffed with the results that she kindly shared them with us. Keep reading to find out more about her experience…

Hi Sian! A little birdy told me you’ve had microneedling and chemical peels. What was it that made you decide to get those treatments?

I was suffering with acne on my face and so I decided to give microneedling a go. First, I got it at a salon I was going to, and then I found Lucy Foster - Aesthetics Nurse Lucy - who does microneedling near me and also sells Alumier skincare products, a brand I was already using and liked. I knew she was local and I knew she was a nurse, and that made me feel better about going to her.

I never really had skin concerns before coming off the contraceptive pill, but since then, I started suffering with acne that went down my neck and around my ears. Since getting microneedling with Lucy, it’s really helped me manage my acne. I tried chemical peels for the first time with Lucy too. I loved the microneedling but because I was already using Alumier at home, she recommended one microneedling treatment and then a couple of skin peels to see how I got on, with the idea that I would then go back for another microneedling session or stay on chemical peels.

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And what have the results of the microneedling and chemical peel been like?

It’s 100% boosted my confidence and I don’t wear makeup everyday anymore. I used to wear it all the time because I was so self conscious of my skin. But I’m going shopping today with no makeup on and I feel so good.

I love the chemical peels. I feel like I have a longer-lasting result with them. My pores are also loads smaller after getting them, so I’ll definitely go back for more.

Sian’s acne-free skin after a chemical peel and microneedling

Did you have any fears or preconceptions before getting a chemical peel and microneedling?

Definitely. You hear about these treatments and you see the great results but you’re not sure if you can get those same results. You also hear about what can go wrong, so you’re always a bit worried about what might happen. But I’ve never had any worries with Lucy because from the consultation I felt comfortable.

How are you getting on with your Alumier skincare regime?

I’ve been using Alumier for about a year and have seen a great result in that time. Acne’s my biggest concern and not having to wear makeup any more has just been a miracle. I never used to wear SPF - which I do all the time now - and I used to take my makeup off with a face wipe and use a bit of toner but now my skin is in a much better condition.

Before I ever had skincare issues, I used to hear my friends talking about how down their skin would make them feel and I just didn’t understand why. But when I started suffering with acne I really understood where they were coming from. Now, I tell them all they need to start using medical grade skincare.

What would you say to anyone suffering with acne and feeling bad about their skin?

Definitely speak to a medically qualified professional. They’re the ones who know skin inside out and they’re the ones who can really help you. You might be spending an absolute fortune on skincare products but they might not be the right ones for you. Speak to an expert and get their advice on treatments and products that will work for you.

You hear so many stories about beauticians performing bad treatments that they can’t correct. If you have a medically trained person, they know what to do if anything goes wrong. Lucy always tells me what’s going to happen before she even does anything, which is always really reassuring.

Sounds like a great experience! It’s good to hear you’ve managed to combat your acne issues. Thanks a lot for sharing your story, Sian!

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