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Practitioner Spotlight During COVID-19: Halo Aesthetics

Next up in our ractitioner spotlight series we talk to Nikki from Halo Aesthetics to find out how she's coping at the moment. Nikki is clearly a trailblazer and using her time brilliantly – as well as volunteering in the community and thinking how good this is for the environment. What an inspiration!

Nikki, thanks for chatting to us, sooooo how are you doing?

Well, I’m anxious about the future, challenged in the present and quite enjoying the pivot process!

PIVOT! (If you know, you know). What have you found the most challenging aspect of this crisis so far?

Seeing my staff worrying about their own futures and financial situations. It’s very hard.

Are you taking any positives from the situation?

Seeing the reduction in pollution is giving me joy and I’m happy to be making new contacts and working with businesses to diversity my business model.

Diversify, you say? Do tell us more…

I’m creating ’Skin Survival Packs’ which will include skin-specific supplements, skincare products, face masks and some freebies, such as mini soaps and immune boosting green teas and plant-based shakes. To do this I’ve invested in buying stock from a company called Advanced Nutrition Programme who sell gold standard supplements, I’m working with my existing skincare suppliers and I’ve become a business affiliate with a company called Foga who do plant-based shakes and smoothies.

That sounds great! You’ve really grabbed the bull by its horns!

Yep! And if any of Glowday’s followers fancy trying them, they can use this code HALOFOGA for £5 off their first order!

Cor, thanks Nikki. We’re not sure if anyone following us in interested in keeping their skin glowing but you never know. (reader: we are joking). So how else are you spending your time?

I’m using the time to review and refresh my marketing, I’m working on new e-commerce offerings to allow my clients to maintain their skin at home and I’m doing online training sessions. I’m also having top up training with my CRM provider to maximise the marketing functions of the system I use. I’m also part of a volunteer force in my village and we are running errands for villagers who are elderly, vulnerable or isolating.

You’re the cutest! So, are you worried about your business or do you feel positive it will recover?

I do feel quite positive that it will recover, as my business is well established but, like everyone, I am worried about the long-term economic impact this situation will have.

And what advice would you give to your fellow aesthetic practitioners?

Stay positive, use your time wisely, put your foot firmly on the gas with marketing, don’t disappear, keep the lines of communication with your clients open and make sure you are rested and well so that you can hit the ground running when you reopen. Oh and join Glowday!

Well, we didn’t want to say it ourselves but you heard the woman!

Thanks to Nikki for chatting to us. We hope you’ve found it encouraging too.

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