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Practitioner Spotlight: Kim Davies

Next up in our Practitioner Spotlight series is relative newcomer to the industry, nurse prescriber and owner of Kimberley Mae Aesthetics in Milton Keynes, Kim Davies.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. Could you start by telling us a little about your business and your journey to where you currently are professionally?

I started began the Level 7 in Injectable Medicine in late August 2018, whilst continuing a Masters Degree in Advanced Professional Practice and working full time in Nursing.

A year later, I decided to commit to my aesthetics business full time. I left my nursing role and continued to develop my aesthetic knowledge with advanced training courses and prescribing for other medics.

Thankfully, I did my Nurse Prescribing qualification in 2017 which was a great help for my practice and, I believe, has helped my business go from strength to strength. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

The pandemic has provided many of us an opportunity for reflection. Are there any changes you made to your business during lockdown that you will keep when clinics open? For example, will you continue to use video consultations?

Lockdown has given me the time to get a new clinic room ready in Milton Keynes. It was something I had been waiting months to do, so to have the time to actually get it sorted has been positive. It is a massive change, that will help me move forward.

It’s also given me time to reflect on how much I love my job and how much I’m missing it right now. I've also ensured that I've kept learning, expanding my knowledge with online training courses and practice updates.

That is a sentiment many practitioners feel. You guys have genuinely missed your work! When you get back to it, which treatment are you most looking forward to delivering again, and why?

Lips and cheek filler - everyone is missing these treatments right now!

The smile on a clients face when their lips are plumped, more hydrated or the perioral lines have been reduced is a great feeling. It often gives a much needed boost of confidence.

I love cheek filler also. I love that it can subtly change the contour or your face, whilst adding volume and giving an nice, overall lift. It's an excellent treatment, particularly when combined with tear trough fillers and nasolabial folds.

I can’t wait to be performing these popular treatments soon! Pass me the syringe!!

What are you most looking forward to, professionally and otherwise, when things have settled back to normal?

Professionally, I am looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge. I am looking forward to going back on face-to-face advanced training courses, learning new skills and treatments.

Essentially, seeing my clients smile after their treatments is what it’s all about. So being able to make people feel that bit fresher and better is what I’m looking forward to the most.

Overall, how are you feeling about the future? Of your business? Of the aesthetics industry? Do you have any particular plans for your business over the next year?

I’m feeling positive, I think we have to be at this time? I hope everyone comes out the other side.

Working in aesthetics can be very lonely at times, but there are a lot of support groups and practitioners who provide amazing support. I’d advise colleagues to really make sure they use these support groups when things get stressful or tough and I’m always a message away for anyone who wants to chat.

I think the industry as a whole will continue to do well. I’m sure clients will continue to have their treatments. I’m hoping they do! Demand seems to still be there. So I’m positive about the future of the industry.

That definitely seems to align with what we are hearing. Practitioners are desperate to get back to work and clients are desperate to get their faces smoothed and plumped!

Thank you for taking the time to be involved in the Glowday Practitioner Spotlight series, Kim, and good luck re-opening Kimberley Mae Aesthetics.

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