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Practitioner Spotlight: Melanie Smyth

Next up in our Practitioner Spotlight Series is Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Melanie Smyth from MVP Aesthetics in Plymouth.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our Practitioner Spotlight questions. Firstly, could you let us know a little about you and your clinic and our journey into aesthetics?

I am the sole owner and aesthetic nurse of MVP Aesthetics. I have a 20 year nursing history. Firstly in Intensive Care, then in A&E and, more recently within the NHS as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in a GP surgery.

My career has been varied. I’ve taken many roles within teaching and education, mentoring- always striving for the best, completing several health courses even up to my MSc in Advanced Practice. My ongoing, in depth anatomical knowledge, alongside well-honed needle work within A&E, a step into aesthetics made sense to encompass my personable attitude and the skills I have learnt within years of hands on nursing.

The pandemic has provided many of us an opportunity for reflection. Are there any changes you made to your business during lockdown that you will keep when clinics open?

The pandemic has certainly changed things.

Prior to this, I was full time NHS and taking all aesthetics bookings at all times of day and weekend. I was working all hours and barely had any time to think about my business, my aims and the progression of my business.

I have never wanted my clients to feel rushed as their positive ‘experience’ and result is my ultimate goal...however, I have been able to facilitate new automated consent forms, digital record keeping, and really consider what my clients need from me.

Within my NHS work, we have moved many consultations to video consultations and this can work within aesthetics also. Skin consultations and evaluating a face to plan facial aesthetics can work by video, so I have continued to check in with my clients this way - and think that this is a great way of working in the future.

That’s one of the positive outcomes of events like this, is forces people to reassess, progress and adapt. Saying that, there is nothing quite like in-clinic treatments. Which treatment are you most looking forward to delivering again, and why?

This is such a hard one to answer!!

I love the instant impact of lip fillers. I love seeing a clients face when they look in the mirror and can see the immediate difference, the volume, hydration and beauty in a new set of lips.

But really, Botox is my love. The way it softens, smoothes and refreshes in such a natural way. Sadly, it doesn’t have the instant result, but I love when clients message me to tell me how their neighbours/friends say how well they are looking and they don’t know why!

As an outsider looking in, it feels like lockdown has created a huge focus on skincare in the absence of clinic-based treatments. Which essential skincare products would you recommend, what would they be?



A moisturiser that penetrates the skin.

A cleanser that works for your skin type.

Personally, I am a PCA Skin stockist and lover! I can really vouch for the effectiveness of their products.

What are you most looking forward to, professionally and otherwise, when things have settled back to normal?

Seeing my clients again. Like many other aesthetic practitioners, my clients have become my friends. I look forward to seeing them all and I miss hearing their stories.

Personally, my husband is in the Navy and he has spent the past 2 months away at sea. Being in lockdown, attempting to homeschool two teenagers and an unruly dog, whilst also working full-time hasn’t been easy. He is due back soon, so we are looking forward to some family time in the garden, some sunny BBQs and plenty of Pimms!

It sounds like you have had to really dig deep during lockdown!? The Pimms is well deserved!

Overall, how are you feeling about the future? Of your business? Of the aesthetics industry? Do you have any particular plans for your business over the next year?

I am feeling incredibly positive about my business, it was going from strength to strength prior to lockdown, with several new referrals from friends of friends, and my business was growing rapidly.

Yes, the pandemic put things on pause. However, it came at a good time for me, it allowed me time to take stock and organise for the future.

Throughout pandemic time, people have had time to stop, look in the mirror and evaluate - there will be several people who have accepted themselves in this time and I LOVE that, but there will be people that have focused on small imperfections that can be tweaked to restore confidence - and that’s where I come in!

I definitely fall in to the latter category. Roll on clinic opening!

Thanks for taking the time to be part of the Glowday Practitioner Spotlight!Good luck in the coming weeks with re-opening. Han x

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