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The Products Skin Experts Actually Use!

What products do skin experts actually use? Are we just being sold stuff they'd never put on their own faces? To help give you a better idea of the products and ingredients out there, we spoke to the skincare pros to find out their secrets, their skincare regimens, their favourite skincare products, and whether it’s ever too late to start a great skincare routine that works for you. Get ready to glow up!

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The skin experts’ favourite skincare products…

I love a sneaky peek into someone’s skincare cabinet - especially when it’s a skin pro! So, I jumped at the chance to find out their all-time favourite products and ingredients. Here’s what they said...

Melanie Smyth of MVP Aesthetics keeps it simple. “Retinol, SPF, a moisturiser that penetrates the skin, and a cleanser that works for your skin type” are what she describes as the essentials. Sounds fairly straightforward, so far, right?

What about Dr Raquel Amado of Skin and Medical Cosmetics? Dr Raquel is a self-confessed skincare aficionado, and explains, “I am an avid fan of Alumier MD and I only use Alumier MD products, personally. That being said, there are many great products out there on the market, and I also recommended a variety of other skincare items for specific skin conditions. My five picks are: 1) AlumierMD EverActive C&E Serum, 2) AlumierMD Bright & Clear Solution, 3) AlumierMD Retinol, 4) AlumierMD Sheer Hydration Tinted SPF and 5) Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen by Jane Iredale (I’m not sure that it can be considered a skincare product – but it is definitely on my top products list!)."

MJ Rowland-Warmann of Smileworks is also super serious about skincare, and says, “I use a lot of glycolic acid products - a scrub (Nip&Fab) and a foam wash (Neostrata) in the morning, followed by vitamin C serum (Obagi CRX) and sunscreen (I have a secret mix of products containing SunShield and a couple of others). Then, in the evening, I use a cleanser (Obagi) and a retinol and glycolic acid cream mix (Retriderm + Teoxane). I also do weekly mandelic peels, microneedling and skinboosters."

So, how about Dr Bryony of Ametrine Aesthetics? Well, she reveals, “at the moment I use The Ordinary skincare brand. I cleanse with the Squalane Cleanser or Charcoal Cleanse, and I tone with the Glycolic Acid Toner. I use the ‘Buffet’ Serum, I moisturise with the Hyaluronic Acid Hydration, and I use SPF - Mineral Factor 30."

Natalie Haswell, owner of Haswell Aesthetics, Colchester, has a very sleek routine that sees her through the month. She explains, “each day, I cleanse, exfoliate, use vitamin C and pigmentation control serums, followed by a moisturiser and SPF.

Then, three times a week I apply a 1% retinol and an AHA renewal serum on the other nights. Once a week I have a deep exfoliation with a scrub and enzyme peel at home, and once a month I have a combined dermaplane, microneedling and peel treatment."

If you could only recommend one skincare product for everyone, what would it be?

There have been some great skincare routines so far, but, to make it harder, I wanted to know what product the skin pros would choose is they could only recommend one...

Dr Bryony says, ”if I could only recommend one product it would be The Buffet Serum from The Ordinary. It is an amazing anti-aging serum, containing peptides and Hyaluronic acid. It gives a real shot of hydration and it's really affordable.” And who doesn’t love effective and affordable?

For Natalie Haswell, it’s “daily SPF. It protects against skin cancer, pigmentation, free radicals, pollution, flare ups of skin conditions like rosacea, ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.” Good choice, Natalie!

What about MJ? She says, “If I could only recommend one skincare product it would be sunscreen. Otherwise by the time you're 40, you will look 85!” Well, when you put it like that!!

Does anyone else spy a theme here?! And these two lovely practitioner’s are not alone in their passion for sunscreen. Dr Raquel agrees, “If I could only recommend one product it would be SPF - always; all year round; forever! I love a tinted SPF, like Sheer Hydration SPF 40. That way I don't need a foundation. It's a win, win!”

Ok, ladies and gents, if you’re not already using a daily SPF, get one on your skincare shopping list - immediately!

Is it ever too late to start a good skincare routine?

There are some incredible suggestions above, but what if I’m too old to start a great skincare routine? This the question on soooo many people’s lips. But don’t worry, Dr Rebecca Hill of The Skin Spa assures me that you’re never too old.

She says, “it’s never too late to start a good skincare routine. One of my patients only ever used to use a baby wipe in the morning and again in the evening, but she came to see me with some skin concerns and I managed to convince her to use a good cleanser, exfoliator and a good, dedicated SPF. She's noticed a definite difference in her skin, which she now says feels really clean and fresh. It’s all about starting with the basics and working on it from there.

I also like to give people really simple but effective tips that can make a difference to their skin. For example, don't touch your face - we do this hundreds of times a day, transferring dirt to our face and increasing risk of infection; wash your hands regularly, and always make sure they’re clean before washing your face; keep your makeup brushes clean; always use a clean towel when you wash your face. These are all just little reminders but can make a huge difference.”

To add to that, Dr Ana Mansouri of Kat & Co Aesthetics adds, “great skin just requires putting time and effort in every day, and being consistent. It’s not so complicated once you get into a routine. I truly believe everyone has time and can afford to have healthy skin, there’s a medical grade option out there for every lifestyle and budget.”

So, there you go - the tips, the products, the ingredients and the passion from the pros to help give your skin that extra glow. It's such a good idea to book a consultation with one of Glowday's practitioners to discuss how proper skin care can help you - why not have a look who's close to you and book in today!

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