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An Aesthetic Hero’s Skincare Routine

Have you ever wondered what an skin expert's skincare routine looks like? I spoke to Aesthetician Melody from Allure Aesthetics Ltd, Abergavenny, and she spilled the beans on her favourite skincare products. Here’s what she told me...

What’s your morning skincare routine?

In the morning, I cleanse my skin - right now I have the Alumier Sensi-Calm cleanser - and then once or twice a week, I use the deep exfoliating scrub from the same range, called Lotus Scrub. After this, I use the Alumier Ever Active C&E . If I’m feeling dry, I’ll use a nice rich hydrator over it, then I always use a good SPF of at least factor 30. My go-to right now is the Alumier Sheer Hydration SPF 40 untinted, as it hydrates, corrects and protects my skin.

Sounds great. And what's your evening skincare routine?

At night, I do a double cleanse, once with micellular water to remove my makeup with cotton gauze and then again with Alumier Sensi-Calm. Then, every other night, I use a 0.5 retinol by Alumier, and the Alumier Bright Eyes treatment. Then, on the nights that I don’t use a retinol, I have Ultimate Boost Serum by Alumier to strengthen my collagen and elastin. I need skin care that works for me even while I sleep.

What’s your all-time favourite skincare product?

I’m always trying new skincare products. I subscribe to lots of beauty boxes and am always on the hunt for the next big ingredient in skin care. I love a dual product that does more for your skin in less steps. For a treatment-based product, growth factors and peptides are my go-to ingredients that I look for when I really want to up my skincare game. I love the AnteAge MD Serum and Accelerator, which I use this once a year to reset my skin. I’m also always changing my routine. I like to keep my skin guessing, and I always give products a full go to prove their worth in my routine. I have loads of products and I was trying to think of a different way to refer to myself other than skincare product junkie. Skincare product aficionado sounds better! I can’t narrow it down anymore - I have a lot of favourite products.

Which skincare products do you use to help prevent signs of ageing?

To maintain and really take care of skin, there are 3 rules treat, correct, protect. For best practices and to keep it simple all you need is retinol, vitamin C and sunscreen. I don’t encourage people to always stay out of the sun - a bit of sun is good as we need vitamin D - but always make sure you use a good sun cream of at least SPF 30.

What’s your favourite non-surgical aesthetic treatment?

I personally love microneedling because I feel like it has the best results on my skin. I really do see a change. And it’s interesting because even if you see the same people every day, they’ll say, “Wow! Your skin looks so good” - so you know it’s working. I love doing that treatment because it just really reconstructs your collagen and feels great afterwards. For the very best results, you’d have a series of these, 6-8 weeks apart, and you’d have 4-6 sessions in a row, depending on what you want to achieve. Then you’d have top-up treatments every now and again to maintain it.

Thanks to the lovely Melody at Allure Aesthetics Ltd for giving us an insight into how she achieves such incredible skin. What’s your skincare routine? Let me know at

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