Boosting Collagen with Microneedling

As we get older - more specifically, after the age of 30 - the collagen we used to have bucket loads of starts to wane. The result? Our once plump and supple skin becomes lax and lacklustre. But before you plummet into a pit of despair, there are aesthetic treatments out there that can help us slow these signs of ageing. And one such treatment is microneedling - a treatment that Victoria Beckham herself has revealed she gets regularly. So, what is microneedling, and how exactly does it give us such wonderfully rejuvenated skin, with reduced lines and wrinkles?

What is microneedling?

Collagen induction therapy, better known as microneedling or medical needling, is a popular aesthetic treatment that is used for a multitude of skin needs (which I’ll discuss later). The non-surgical treatment works by puncturing the skin with oscillating needles (sterile, of course) to create thousands of controlled micro-injuries via either the use of a dermaroller or microneedling pen. I know, I know - creating intentional injury sounds bizarre, but, actually, when it’s done by a medically qualified practitioner, it can have amazing results - i.e. plumper, firmer skin that looks younger, smoother and less lined. Yep, I can definitely get on board with that.

While there are at-home kits, going to a nurse, doctor or dentist is advisable as not only is this generally safer and more hygienic but they are also able to get deeper into the epidermis to give you better results (reaching a depth of 1.5mm on the face and 2.0mm on the body, depending on your needs).

How does microneedling help boost collagen?

So, once the trauma has been performed, the skin begins to react in the way it would if it were healing itself after a real injury. Basically, it encourages the production of growth factors, which get to work on repairing the skin and effectively initiating the production of healthy new skin. It also boosts collagen and elastin production, and, as collagen is often referred to as the scaffolding of the skin, I am totally ok with that.

And, once collagen production has started, skin becomes smoother and plumper. Pretty impressive! The best bit? As well as providing speedy results, collagen production also continues over the next few months, which means smoother, plumper skin for longer.

How many microneedling treatments are needed to get great results?

The number of treatments needed varies from person to person (a medically qualified practitioner will be able to give you a good idea of what you should expect, depending on your skin needs), but a course of 3-9 treatments is often recommended. Then, to maintain the amazing results, sessions once every 3-4 months are advised.

What else is microneedling used for?

Rejuvenated skin isn’t the only thing microneedling can deliver. The non-surgical treatment can also be used to reduce scars and acne scarring, stretch marks, large pores and pigmentation. And it can be used to boost hair growth. Not bad, huh?

So, overall, microneedling is a treatment to be reckoned with thanks to its ability to provide such fantastic results. Want more info (think dos and don’ts and side effects)? Check out our treatment guide, where you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about microneedling.

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