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The Experts Using AlumierMD Skincare

Getting started as an aesthetic practitioner can be tough - after all there are so many decisions to make all on your own. Take medical grade skincare, for example. If you’ve made the decision to use and stock it in your clinic, how on earth do you decide which brand to select? To help give you a better idea of the different medical grade skincare brands out there, we spoke to a variety of practitioners about the skincare companies they work with and the products they love. In this article, we’ll take a peek at AlumierMD

So, why might you consider working with AlumierMD, and stocking their products in your clinic? I spoke with Lucy Foster (AKA Aesthetics Nurse Lucy) and Nikki Zanna from Halo Aesthetics to find out…

Why AlumierMD?

Nikki Zanna of Halo Aesthetics has stocked AlumierMD products in her clinic for about three years. Why? She says, “The main brand I use in my clinic is AlumierMD. I chose to work with this brand because I found their ‘clean science’ approach to skincare very appealing, and the range offered something for every skin type.”

Aesthetics nurse Lucy Foster has been working with AlumierMD since March 2020. She says, “I work purely with AlumierMD, whose brand was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. I mean, find me one person who doesn’t relate to this philosophy.

Whilst training in aesthetics, my passion for advanced skincare launched as I realised how the two go hand in hand. I had researched other medical grade cosmeceutical brands, but what really caught my eye was the science-backed evidence and the AlumierMD core values: clean chemistry, corrective formulas, and commitment to your business. As a lone practitioner starting out in aesthetics and skincare, this was exactly what I wanted to hear and I put my trust into the company and its products. With over 100 years of combined skincare experience, PhD biochemists, physicians, and skincare experts, I truly knew that the products would suit my business perfectly and provide the results I so wanted for my clients.”

What do you love most about AlumierMD products?

All sounds very positive, so far, right? So, I wanted to know what these fab practitioners like most about the AlumierMD products themselves.

Lucy says, “As well as the ‘clean science’ behind the products, I love the fact that they actually do work – I can vouch for that as I’ve seen it with my own skin. There are products to suit all skin types and skin conditions, which is really appealing to a skincare professional who wants to personalise skincare regimens for their clients. With collections for rosacea, hyperpigmentation, ageing and acne affected skin. I like the fact you can build up the retinol use and percentage for someone, to ensure a safe and manageable introduction to a potent, but incredibly effective anti-aging serum.”

What’s your favourite AlumierMD product?

Now, I love a skincare product that really does the job, so, of course, I wanted to know which AlumierMD product these aesthetic practitioners like most, and why. Come on, can you blame me?

Nikki Zanna’s product of choice from AlumierMD is the Lotus Scrub. She explains, “this is an environmentally friendly facial scrub which foams up into a gorgeous, creamy lather and makes my skin feel squeaky clean. I also love the Bright & Clear solution as it keeps my skin looking fresh and glowing and it’s super quick and easy to use. (Sorry I cheated having 2 favourites!).”

And for Lucy it’s the retinol, retinol, retinol! She explains, “having followed a ‘start low and go slow’ protocol on my own skin, I have managed to increase my skin tolerance to 1.0% - the highest percentage available through AlumierMD. The changes in my acne scarring, fine lines and overall texture have improved incredibly, and I can thank my trusty retinol for that. Of course, my entire facial skincare regime is purely medical grade and there’s so many other great products from the range. The AHA renewal serum is a great chemical exfoliant, containing lactic acid, hyaluronate and vitamin B5, and the sheer hydration versatile tint SPF is a top seller of mine. Working similar to a BB cream, this provides clients with a lovely shimmer coverage whilst providing that powerful broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays.”

Working with AlumierMD

Ok, so that’s the products covered, what about the company itself? What’s AlumierMD like to work with?

Halo’s Nikki Zanna says, AlumierMD is such a great brand, and they provide lots of support with sales and marketing. The online portal makes it so easy for my patients to order online if they run out and can’t get to the clinic, and the education team are some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve worked with in the aesthetic industry. AlumierMD just works really well in my clinic.”

Lucy Foster says, “I have felt really supported by the AlumierMD team. From the virtual online training, the face to face practical training and when I’ve had technical issues, there is always someone on hand – even throughout the pandemic, a member of the team was only a call away. The online portal is also fantastic and allows me to prescribe for my clients following a virtual consultation, so I have great control over what my clients are purchasing, but also allows clients the freedom to view all the other great products available online. It is so easy to set up client accounts, and takes the pressure off myself when it comes to packaging and posting homecare products.”

So, if you’re into the clean science approach, creative formulas that work on a whole range of skin tones and concerns, and an easy to navigate online portal, AlumierMD might just be the medical grade skincare brand for you and your clinic. You can check them out over on

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