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The Top 10 Lip Fillers in London, Spring 2022

So, you want to know where to get lip fillers in London, and you’ve probably been Googling ‘lip fillers near me’ for an age to find the right place! There are SO MANY clinics and cosmetic practitioners out there, which is great - but it can also be a bit overwhelming, right? I mean, how do you even know where to start? To help you get you going, we've put together our quarterly top ten list of places you can get lip fillers in London, based on our Glowday search results*. We've also included some gorgeous lip filler before and afters , as well as some amazing review snippets. So, whether it’s lip augmentation, i.e. plumper lips, more luscious lips or a bit of extra lip symmetry you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

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1. Kelsey Bailey - KB Aesthetics London (E14)

At the very top of our search rankings, once again, comes nurse practitioner and owner of KB Aesthetics London Ltd, Kelsey Bailey. Not only does Kelsey make lips absolutely gorgeous with her lip augmentation treatments (and she really does) but, in a nutshell, she’s also caring, funny and will make you look and feel awesome. She says, “I started KB Aesthetics London to show that aesthetics doesn’t have to look 'fake' or 'overdone' but can also be subtle and enhancing. Our main goal is to boost your confidence and give you a little piece of the real you back by providing safe and effective non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Most importantly, I want you to feel reassured that you are in safe and professional hands.”

Just look at these stunners…

Kelsey's amazing before and after lip filler transformation using 1ml lip filler!

Plus, her whopping 128 reviews say all you need to know. One patient said, “BEST CLINIC IN EAST LONDON!” And countless say they “wouldn’t go anywhere else.” And you can’t argue with that. So, if you’re looking for beautiful but natural looking lips, and you’re within travelling distance to Canary Wharf, Kelsey could very well be your gal!

You can book in with Kelsey here.

2. Jade Vienna - Jade Vienna Aesthetics (N6)

Next up in our Glowday best lip fillers in London rankings is Jade Vienna, founder of Jade Vienna Aesthetics. Having worked as a nurse in A&E for many years - and having done extensive aesthetics training with the likes of the highly esteemed Dr Tim Pearce - you’ll know you’re in safe hands with Jade. When it comes to cosmetic treatments like lip enhancement, she says, “I absolutely love aesthetics and I am very dedicated to providing high-quality treatments and care to my clients. My vision is to enhance natural beauty and reverse signs of ageing that doesn't leave you looking 'fake' or 'frozen'. Ultimately, I want you to feel beautiful and confident and leave me smiling!”

A great example of what lip injections can achieve - 1ml lip filler before and afters by Jade Vienna

And with plump, juicy lips like these, you’ll definitely be smiling!

Fancy getting your lips enhanced by Jade? You can book in with her here.

3. Charine Patel - Bisou Clinics (EN6)

It’s no surprise that Charine Patel of Bisou Clinics is consistently in our top 10 places to get lip filler in London articles, because she’s, well, super sweet. AND she’s approachable and knowledgeable, which is a pretty great combination in an aesthetic practitioner. She spent years working as a pharmacist before venturing into the world of aesthetics, and is trained to Level 7 - which is a very high level indeed.

Anyway - on to those lips… Charine spends time focusing on the individual’s needs - no cookie cutter approach for her. She’ll sit down with you and figure out what’s right for you.

Another beautiful lip filler before and after - Plump and perfect lips by Charine Patel

And just look at the gorgeous lip filler before and after image above. Beautiful lips that speak for themselves.

You can book your lip filler treatment with Charine here.

4. Dr Rita Nandi - The Bloom Clinic (E14)

Next up on our top London lip filler tour is the delightful Dr Rita Nandi. Lovely person, lovely clinic, lovely lip filler results. Nuff said! Dr Rita’s extremely focused on safety and has attended over 30 courses on dermal filler treatment, as she’s keen to continually develop and stay ahead as far as lip filler techniques and products are involved.

Stunning pout - lip filler before and after by Dr Rita Nandi

She says, “What I love is the ability to combine art with scientific principles and to see the happy look on patients’ faces after their treatments.” And we've lost count of the number of patient reviews saying how wonderful Rita is at putting people at ease.

You'll find Dr Rita's lip filler reviews and availabilty here.

5. Dr Jessica Srivastava - Dr Jess Aesthetics (NW3)

Lip augmentation is our next practitioner’s signature treatment, and you can see why! Dr Jess Srivastava, whose clinic is based between Notting Hill and Belsize Park, trained as a dentist before discovering her passion for facial aesthetics. And since then, she’s also gone on to train other aesthetic practitioners. Talking about lip enhancement, Dr Jess says, "My ethos is always, always ‘less is more!’ Less volume, in my eyes, means a more natural result, less swelling and less trauma. It also means less risk of over stretching the tissues and causing migration or distortion of the natural lip shape... I switched from using cannula [to needle] five years ago, as I realised I can make a needle more comfortable and more precise. I have stuck with it ever since and it provides beautiful, natural results that both myself and my patients are very happy with!"

Subtle lip enlargement by Dr Jessica Srivastava

And as well as her gorgeous lip filler results (I mean, have you seen???), Dr Jess’s gentle, calming approach and attention to detail are huge ticks, as far as her patients are concerned.

Get yourself booked in for beautiful lip results with Dr Jess here.

6. Dr Emily Briggs - Dr Emily Medical Aesthetics (SW15)

Frustrated with a lack of regulation in the aesthetics industry, our next lip filler pro - Dr Emily Briggs - prides herself on being a holistic practitioner with a focus on skin health and natural enhancements. So safety and natural lip fillers are important to her too. Are you sensing a theme here? She offers a bespoke lip filler service that’s tailored to the individual, so if you like the sound of this, Dr Emily might be your new lip enlargement BFF!

Absolute beauts - 1ml lip filler before and after by Dr Emily Briggs

And speaking of lip injections. Just look at the pretty pout in Dr Emily’s lip filler before and after. One patient said, “Could not rate Dr Emily more. So professional, understood all of my concerns and I’ve never been happier with how I look thanks to her handiwork! My lips look so natural and I just feel like the best version of myself.” What more could you want from a lip injector?

For gorgeous lips by Emily Briggs, why not book yours on Glowday right now!

7. Dr Rachel Aarons - The Curated Clinic (SW18)

NHS doctor Rachel Aarons is another great contender as far as lip fillers in London are concerned. Her clinic is so colourful and welcoming that you’ll just want to stay all day! And the lips? Plump, juicy, defined…she’s pretty damn good! Just take a look for yourself…

Juicy lip transformation by Dr Rachel Aarons

Dr Rachel explains, “I love nothing more than working closely with my clients, to bring out that confidence that can radiate through with a little help.” Awww! Love that! And just look at what one of her lip filler patients said: “I was incredibly nervous about getting my lips done. I just wanted a subtle boost, and that’s what I got. Dr Aarons was really kind and caring, and I felt looked after through the process…I love my boosted lips.”

If Dr Rachel's skills take your fancy, book in with her here.

8. Dr Lauren Hamilton - Victor and Garth (E1)

Lip fillers in London are pretty easy to come by. But it’s finding someone who will give you lovely lips but safely and in a considered way that’s harder to come by. Dr Lauren Hamilton is a GMC registered doctor, experienced in surgery and equipped to enhance lips, giving them more volume, hydration or vermillion border definition - just take a look at these mouth-gape-worthy lip enlargement results.

Lovely lip enlargement before and after - by Dr Lauren Hamilton

Plus, hello! Have you seen how utterly gorgeous the Victor and Garth clinic is? If you haven’t. Check it out! It’s a stunner!

You can find out more about Dr Lauren, and book an appointment with her here.

9. Dr Hannah Murphy - Demis Skin Aesthetics (CR5)

GP and lead clinician at Dermis Skin Aesthetics, Dr Hannah Murphy is an excellent choice when it comes to lip injections, as she’s confident, competent and compassionate - and lip fillers allow her to express not only her medical side but also her creative side. Her empathy and understanding of what it’s like to be a busy mum is part of what makes her so appealing to many of her clients. The rest is down to natural lip filler results like this…

See what we mean? That's lip love, right there.

If you fancy a bit of lip love from Dr Hannah, you can check out her profile and book a lip filler appointment here.

10. Kornelia Hauck - Perpetual Aesthetics - (W1G)

Kornelia Hauck - or Kornia as she’s often better known - has been a nurse for 32 years!! So she knows a thing or two about caring for her patients. She’s the founder and managing director at Perpetual Aesthetics Ltd, and is an independent nurse prescriber, who loves all things aesthetics. Kornia's a huge fan of lip fillers, and she’s pretty darn good at them too. I mean, just look at this lip transformation.

Lip enhancement before and after - by Kornelia Hauck

Kornelia is based on Harley Street, so if you're down that way and like the look of her lip filler results, be sure to check her out.

You can book in for a consultation with her here.

So there you go. We've narrowed it down to ten places in London to get lip filler - a pretty tough job, considering the incredible practitioners out there. We don’t envy your job of picking from these super ten but, one thing’s sure, whoever you choose from this lovely lot, you can’t go far wrong. Happy picking - and happy lip plumping!

Want info on lip filler cost or how long filler lasts? We’ve got all you need in our Glowday Lip Filler treatment guide. Oh - and you can find verified lip filler reviews when you search for lip fillers in London on our platform. On Glowday, we only list medically qualified cosmetic professionals, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

*Top 10 featured may differ from real-time search results due to lag in time from compilation to publishing

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