The Top 10 Lip Fillers in London, 2021

So, you want to know where to get lip fillers in London, and you’ve probably been Googling ‘lip fillers near me’ for an age to find the right place! There are SO MANY clinics and cosmetic practitioners out there, which is great - but can also be a bit overwhelming, right? I mean, how do you even know where to start? To help you get you going, I’ve put together a top ten list of places you can go for lip fillers in London in 2021, based on our Glowday search results. So, whether it’s lip augmentation, i.e. plumper lips, more luscious lips or a bit of extra lip symmetry you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

1. Charine Patel - Bisou Clinics (EN6)

Charine Patel of Bisou Clinics is super lovely. AND she’s approachable and knowledgeable, which is a pretty great combination in an aesthetic practitioner. She spent years working as a pharmacist before venturing into the world of aesthetics, and is trained to a high level.

Anyway - on to those lips… Charine spends time focusing on the individual’s needs - no cookie cutter approach for her. She’ll sit down with you and figure out what’s right for you.

And just look at the gorgeous lip filler before and after image above. Beautiful lips that speak for themselves.

2. Dr Daniel Hunt - Imperial Aesthetics (WG1)

Medical doctor and cosmetic practitioner Dr Daniel Hunt first developed his passion for aesthetics while working for the NHS. He now works on the world-renowned Harley Street, offering a wide range of tweakments. But just look at these gorgeous lip filler before and after results and you’ll see why this particular treatment drums up a lot of interest!

Dr Daniel delivers bespoke lip enhancement, always keeping the individual patient in mind, evaluating face shape and size to get the very best result for you and ensure you come away with natural-looking lips.

3. Dr Giorgia Ratta - Dr Giorgia Ratta Aesthetics (SW1W)

Number three in our top lip fillers in London breakdown is the fantastic Dr Giorgia Ratta. Coming from a background in dentistry, Dr Giorgia knows a thing or two about gorgeous smiles, and she’s brought with her an incredible knowledge of anatomy, meaning you’re in safe hands.

When it comes to lip fillers, she’s all about creating natural-looking volume and harmonious balance. I mean, just look at these beauts...

Dr Giorgia Ratta lip fillers before and after

Knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic, creative and professional, Dr Giorgia’s boutique clinic, located in Victoria, central London, is not just convenient but is also really inclusive.

4. Gema Lorenzo - Gema Lorenzo Aesthetics (CR2)

Gema Lorenzo has worked as an NHS nurse for the past few years, and has developed her business based on her love of aesthetics. She is highly trained, with a Level 7 in injectables - the highest aesthetic qualification you can currently get here in the UK.

Gema Lorenzo lip filler before and after

Gema looks to build up lip volume over several sessions to ensure each patient gets the fullness that will suit their proportions and keep them looking natural. She says, “Well placed filler built up slowly is key to avoiding unnatural duck lips.” Amen to that! So, if you’re looking for lovely lips in London, Gema might just be your gal.

5. Dr Emmaline Ashley - Ashley Aesthetics (W1K)

Passionate about beauty, wellness and science, Dr Emmaline is a true pro when it comes to cosmetic treatments. And she’s very much into promoting a beautiful yet natural look - you know - giving you that ‘hmmm she looks amazing but I can’t figure out why’ kinda look.

Dr Emmaline Ashley lip filler before and after

Want juicy lips? Check! Want to sit back and relax in a relaxing clinic just a doorway from the heart of London? Check! Want to know you’re in safe hands? Check! Dr Emmaline spent years working in emergency medicine and surgery, and is currently undertaking the highest level of cosmetic training you can get. You’ll find her clinic in Mayfair.

6. Dr Ahmed El Muntasar - The Aesthetics Doctor (W1K)

Number six in our top lip filler in London guide is the excellent Dr Ahmed El Muntasar - AKA The Aesthetics Doctor. NHS doctor and an aesthetic practitioner, Dr Ahmed is the most followed aesthetic doctor in the UK, attracting social media influencers and models.

And it’s easy to understand why people flock to him. Friendly and welcoming with a fab personality. Not to mention these kinds of results…

Dr Ahmed lip filler before and afters

7. Amar Suchde - AMS Aesthetics (SE1)

Looking for a lip enhancer? Amar Suchde, owner of AMS is a great option. Based on Amar Suchde’s previous work, you can count on the London-based practitioner to give you the luscious lips you’re after. I mean, just look at this pair!

Amar Suchde lip filler before and after

Amar has several clinics in and around London and, over the years, has attracted a loyal client-base from around the globe. And you can see why!

8. Lauren Hamilton - Victor and Garth (E1)

Lip fillers in London are pretty easy to come by. But it’s finding someone who will give you lovely lips but safely and in a considered way that’s harder to come by. Dr Lauren Hamilton is a GMC registered doctor, experienced in surgery and equipped to enhance lips, giving them more volume, hydration or vermillion border definition - just take a look at these mouth-gape-worthy lip enlargement results.

Lauren Hamilton lip fillers before and after

Plus, hello! Have you seen how utterly gorgeous the Victor and Garth clinic is? If you haven’t. Check it out! It’s a stunner!

9. Jesal Shah - Skulpt Aesthetics Clinic (W1K)

The lovely Jesal Shah spends half her time working for the NHS as a clinical pharmacist and half her time making people look and feel great in her role as an aesthetic practitioner.

She believes “Everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, whether it be by enhancing natural beauty or slowing down the ageing process.” And these lip enhancement before and afters show why so many people are opting to visit her clinic.

10. Lauren Turner - Lauren Turner Aesthetics (SE22)

Owner of the aesthetics clinic of the same name, Lauren Turner is an advanced aesthetic nurse and independent nurse prescriber. She loves making her clients look and feel amazing. And if these lips are anything to go by, I can totally understand why!

Lauren Turner lip filler before and afters

She’s worked as a Sister in nursing since 2013 and continues to improve herself as a cosmetic practitioner with various prestigious courses. Lip fillers are one of her favourite treatments to perform, so if you’re in London, you might want to think about checking her clinic out!

So, there you go. I’ve narrowed it down to ten places in London to get lip filler - a pretty tough job, considering the incredible practitioners out there. I don’t envy your job of picking from these super ten but, one thing’s sure, whoever you choose from this lovely lot, you can’t go far wrong. Happy picking - and happy lip plumping!

Want info on lip filler cost or how long filler lasts? We’ve got all you need in our Glowday Lip Filler treatment guide. Oh - and you can find verified lip filler reviews when you search for lip fillers in London on our platform. On Glowday, we only list medically qualified cosmetic professionals, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

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