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Under The Injector's Skin

It takes a fair amount of trust to let someone inject your face. It's an up-close-and-personal affair and you have to share a fair amount of personal information about your medical history and how you feel about your looks and appearance. Deep stuff! So Glowday thought it would be nice to get to know some of our practitioners a little better and get beneath their skin! Here we ask the beautiful and brilliant Dr Emily Briggs from Dr Emily Medical Aesthetics a few fun questions...

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Thanks for playing along Dr Emily. Let's get started!

What's your favourite treatment?

My favourite treatment, personally, is a chemical peel, I'm absolutely obsessed with peeling. I love the feeling that you get after a chemical peel and that soft, glowy skin. I also love the process of it, I feel like all the badness is coming out of me. My favourite treatment to do, on the other hand, is non-surgical rhinoplasty - it is such a rewarding treatment, you can do so much with just a tiny amount of filler and it can be completely life-changing for patients.

Hear what Dr Emily's favourite treatments are.

Who is your celebrity aesthetics crush?

My celebrity aesthetics crush has to be Julie Horne, she is absolutely phenomenal and the lips that she creates are just beautiful!

What is your worse habit?

My worse habit is picking my spots, I find it really difficult not to squeeze when I've got a little custard pot on my face!

What is your can't-live-without product?

My can't-live-without product is this bad boy: Heliocare 360° GEL OIL FREE SPF 50. It's a really lightweight formula, it's oil-free so it doesn't clog your pores, it's perfect for using every day underneath your make-up, it dries to give a nice matte finish. I'm obsessed with it!

Morning lark or night owl?

I'm definitely a morning lark. My productivity is much better in the morning and I quite like going to bed early and reading my book with a cup of tea!

Guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is probably a nice cold glass of Sauvignon and lying in a bubble bath until I turn into a prune!

Next big aesthetics trend?

I think the next big aesthetics trend is going to be tear trough treatments with dermal filler, because everyone has been behind a mask for the last year so the focus is all about the eyes now rather than the lips.

What's your number one piece of skincare advice?

My number one piece of skincare advice is daily SPF. There is absolutely nothing better you can do for your skin than to use SPF every single day to prevent ageing and skin cancer.

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