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My Botox Experience: I Found Botox and I'm Never Looking Back

There are lots of famous women on our screens each and every day who have had numerous treatments - and look fabulous! But I really love speaking to ‘real’ women. The women whose stories you wouldn’t usually hear. Particularly when it comes to non-invasive treatments like the anti-wrinkle treatment, Botox.

So, I spoke to Tracey, a 50-year-old veterinary assistant from Lancashire, who filled me in on when she first had Botox for forehead lines and crow's feet, why, and how it has changed not just her skin, but also the way she feels. She even shares her Botox before and after pics!

When did you first get Botox, and why?

I first had a consultation for Botox in 2018, as a Christmas present from my daughter. She knew how much I wanted to try it, and very kindly paid for the consultation for me. I decided to get it as I have a very expressive face, and started to really notice lines around my eyes and on my forehead - so these are the areas I continue to treat.

Tracey's Botox before and after photos

How often do you get Botox injections?

I get anti-wrinkle injections once every six months. My last one was in June, so I won’t need another one until December - right in time for Christmas. It varies for everyone, but I find that six months is great for me.

Who does your Botox?

My daughter’s friend is a nurse, and a very good practitioner. She has been practicing for years and I trust her to do a great job. I also knew other people who went to her, so that was reassuring.

Do you tell people you have Botox, or is it something you keep to yourself?

I tell people, and I’m sure people would notice that I’ve had it done anyway. It’s my face and my choice what I do to it, so even if they disagree, it’s irrelevant to me.

What have been the main Botox benefits for you?

I’ve seen great results using Botox; it’s made a huge difference to the way I look and feel. My forehead lines and crow’s feet are less visible, which has made me feel much more confident.

What advice would you give anyone interested in Botox?

For anyone thinking about getting anti-wrinkle injections, I’d definitely recommend going to somebody reputable. Someone who really knows what they are doing and knows what to do if anything goes wrong. And only ever do it for yourself; nobody else.

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