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What Is Glowday?

You've decided to supercharge your skincare routine, or maybe you're considering a chemical peel or injectable treatment like Botox?

Finding an amazing practitioner, who you can confidently trust with your face can be difficult. You've seen the horror stories and you're nervous.

That's why I created Glowday.

What is Glowday?

Glowday is your one-stop shop to research, find and book safe skin and aesthetic treatments.

How does it work?

Glowday is a directory of qualified, trained, checked and insured healthcare professionals. But it also has loads of blogs and guides about a whole range of treatments.

You pop in the treatment that you're keen on (or if you're not sure you can enter 'consultation') such a lip filler, or antiaging injections and then your location (you can use postcode or town) into our search box on our homepage.

We then show you a glorious list of practitioners and clinics who are close to you. What's more, for all injectable treatments, they're all healthcare professionals who you can trust with your face!

So quick and easy and lots of beautiful clinics at your fingertips on Glowday!

How do you know they are legit?

All practitioners listed on Glowday are qualified, checked and insured.

When a practitioner joins Glowday, they provide us with details of their profession, their qualifications, certificates of their training in the treatments they offer, their ID and their statutory body registration information.

We manually check each practitioner prior to activating their profile.

How do I know who is the best?

We collect and publish reviews when treatments are completed. We then list practitioners based on their reviews. We figure you want to go to a clinic that has lots of recent, high quality, genuine reviews.

If you're trusting someone to stick a needle in your lips, or give you filler in your cheeks, you want to know that other clients rate them and had a good experience. Therefore, practitioners with the most 4 and 5 star reviews collecting within the last three months will appear at the top of the search results. But you can also search clinics by distance.

Read the reviews from other patients before you book your appointment.

Can they pay to be at the top?

No. The only way practitioners can get to the top is if they have collected genuine, verified Glowday reviews from their patients.

Can they fake their reviews?

Nope. This is one of the cool things about Glowday. Clinics can not upload their own reviews, or get their mates to write them for them. Glowday collects the reviews only when we see (on our booking system) that the treatment has been completed and paid for. The reviews on Glowday are 100% genuine and authentic - we even know the precise time that patient had their treatment and how much they paid.

So easy to use! See their clinic, see their treatments, book yourself in!

What else can I see?

We also encourage clinics to upload their before and after photos, so you can see their work, their style, their results. We know how much people love looking at before and after photos and it's an important part of the decision making process. So we encourage you to have a good old nose! We ask practitioners to write a bit about themselves in their bio too, so you can get to know the person behind the needle!

I've found a practitioner I like, how do I book in?

Just like when you book an Airbnb or a hotel, you check the availability and book yourself in. Simply select the treatment, or a consultation if you're not sure what might be right for you, we show you their diary, you find a slot that suits you and you book in directly. There and then. Done. No messing about with phone calls, whatsapp or emails. No, okay can you do this time. No, how about this?' It's such a pain. Far easier to just make your own appointment and manage it yourself!

You can book & manage your appointments from your secure Glowday account.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

You can manage your appointments, complete your forms and book your next appointment using your secure Glowday account.

Simply log back into your Glowday account and rearrange it.

Now, some clinics will charge you a late cancellation fee if it's too close to the appointment. But that's only fair and reasonable isn't it? If you tell them a couple of hours before you can't make it, they're not going to be able to fill that slot and they have costs to cover.

So just check the charges your chosen clinic applies before you book. You'll also get sent this information in your confirmation email and reminder email.

Do I have to pay upfront?


We don't want anyone to feel obliged to have treatment, so we don't take deposits.

We do ask for your card details, but that is simply to secure your booking (in the same way you would give a hotel your card details to secure a room).

Then, when you've had your treatment, the practitioner can take payment from the card you've provided, if you'd like. Alternatively, you can pay using cash or bank transfer.

Why would I use Glowday?

Because you will have total peace of mind that everyone who is on Glowday is medically qualified, trained, experienced and safe.

We don't let just anyone build a profile on Glowday.

Each practitioner is verified.

You also get a secure account to manage your bookings, complete and submit any forms, and you also get lots of handy reminders about your treatment - including important pre- and post-treatment information.

Isn't it better to Google Botox Near Me?

By all means you can spend all day googling 'botox near me' and 'lip filler near me' and you'll be shown lots of results. If you like a gamble, yes, pick someone from Google.

But you won't know for sure they are who they say they are and it's unlikely you'll see reviews from other patients that you know are genuine.

Of course, while some will have online booking, you may have to phone them to book an appointment, or spend a while messaging back and forth to secure the appointment.

Most importantly, you know that everyone on Glowday has been verified and approved by Glowday, which is a very reassuring stamp of approval!

Why does this matter? My beautician can do lip fillers?

Yes she can and we don't think this is right. In the UK there are no regulations and anyone can legally say they're a trained advanced aesthetics practitioner, when they're not. They may well have done a weekend training course in Botox, or a Zoom course on lip fillers, but they're not healthcare practitioners who have experience treating patient and can determine if you're medically a good candidate for a particular treatment.

They are far less likely to know how to deal with a complication, or conduct a full consent process with you. More worryingly, they are not accountable to anyone. Healthcare professionals are accountable to their statutory bodies, they have to follow processes and guidelines. If something goes wrong there are consequences. If your lips turn black or you nose falls off because the girl in your hairdressers told you she can do do fillers, nothing will come of it because she's not accountable to anyone.

Glowday enables you to find the best aesthetics practitioners in the UK, at the touch of a button.

Who is Glowday for?


Perhaps you have a specific skin concern you'd like help with, or you're thinking about your first aesthetic treatment and would like a consultation with a professional. Maybe you've just moved to a new town and want to know who is good near you. You could be a cosmetic treatment veteran and simply want to find someone new or try a new treatment. Whether your 28 or 88, Glowday has someone for everyone.

Do you do anything else?

Yes! We have a pretty good blog going on here. We write articles about every treatment under the sun, we share real people's stories and we have an amazing array of in-depth guides to treatments.

If you're ready to find out who we've got near you, why not start your search today - click here to get going!

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