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"The Beauty of Glowday Is that Everyone Who's Listed Is a Verified, Insured Health Professional"

Why might an aesthetic practitioner want to join Glowday? There are tonnes of amazing reasons why, and here to share her experience with the platform, so far, is Julie Eastwood, owner of Nurse J Aesthetics.

Hi Julie! How did you first come across Glowday? And what made you decide to join?

I came across Glowday on Instagram and, first of all, I really like the branding - I loved the face in the G - and I thought the name was really good. I also liked the content of the posts and the general feel of the site. And, of course, the fact that it’s for medics only. How could I not like that?

What have been the main benefits of using Glowday, so far?

It’s an investment at the moment, but I think once the lockdown’s lifted, I’ll start to really reap the benefits. What I really like is that it’s provided me with a platform to build reviews, and that these reviews are all verified. You have to have had a treatment to be able to leave one. Trying to get reviews can be difficult in aesthetics, as, sometimes, people don’t like to leave feedback or let on that they’ve had anything done, so the way the platform works seems to encourage them to do so. It gives them that bit of anonymity and they might be more likely to leave a review on here than on Facebook, for example.

Being on Glowday is a good opportunity to offer patients the ability to book 24/7, and it also gives people a bit more transparency on price. I was one of the first 200 to set up my profile, and, in the time I’ve been using it, it’s really developed. The list of treatments you can offer has grown and grown, which is great, and Jon and Hannah have been so personable and positive. It’s made me feel proud to be a part of and to be represented by.

It’s a really professional-looking website. It’s like having your own great website without having to put the investment in, saving you that extra cost. And if you do already have one, it’s an additional benefit.

The beauty of Glowday is that everyone who's listed is a verified, insured health professional.

What features would you like to see on Glowday in the future?

I’d definitely like to see an option on Stripe that allows you to take payments over a monthly period. I’d also like the addition of vouchers - Glowday vouchers that people could buy on the website, spend on treatments with me, and that I could reclaim the cost of the treatment they had back - or my own vouchers that I could add to my profile for people to purchase.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Julie! It's great to hear from you.

Fancy seeing the amazing benefits of Glowday for yourself? Find out more here or contact our clinic onboarding superstar Leigh on or 07376047260

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