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Where Can I Have Botox?

Botox. It’s revered by many as one of the greatest aesthetic treatments of the past few decades, and it’s easy to understand why - its results are amazing and it can be used to treat so many areas of the body. Botox is actually just a brand name for Botulinum Toxin, but it's become a generic term for the treatment, so much so that the NHS refers to it as Botox rather than its true name. From reducing lines and wrinkles to lifting and helping with various medical conditions, it’s incredible benefits are plentiful - but as with any medical procedure, there are always risks, and you must have a consultation with a medical professional before having Botox.

So, what are the key Botox areas? Let’s take a look…

Botox forehead lines

The forehead is an area of concern for lots of people. Dynamic lines appear as we get older, which lay horizontal across the forehead, and can actually make us look worried, tired or stressed when we’re not. But practitioners can Botox forehead lines to give a smoother, less aged appearance. As with all Botox areas, the amount of botulinum toxin used can vary from person to person to give the desired result.

An example of how Botox can be used to treat forehead lines from Charine at Bisou Clinics You should always have a consultation with a medically qualified practitioner before any treatment takes place.

Botox brow lift

The brow lift has become a popular tweakment in the last few years thanks to the toxin’s ability to effectively lift the eyebrow. With age, the muscles around the eyebrows and upper eyelids can begin to sag, but anti-wrinkle injections can be used to reshape the eyebrow, giving it more of a youthful appearance.

Frown lines Botox

Another common Botox area is the frown lines, AKA the 11s or glabella. These are the two vertical lines that appear above our nose and between our eyebrows, and you’ll see them when you furrow your brows. Frown lines Botox is popular, as the 11s can make us look permanently angry or worried - even when we’re not. It relaxes the muscles, reducing the lines and giving a softer appearance.

Crows feet Botox

Botox under eyes or the corners of the eyes is a commonly requested treatment for people who feel they have prominent, deep set crow’s feet. These are the lines that we see when we crinkle our eyes - e.g. when smiling - and are so called because they resemble little birds’ feet. Crow’s feet Botox is a great way to reduce these lines and create smoother corners of the eye.

Botox for bunny lines

Bunny lines? What are they? If you have them, you’ll know. They’re the lines that appear when you make certain expressions like smiling or scrunching your nose. For some, bunny lines are an annoyance, and anti-wrinkle injections in this area have become a popular way of treating them.

The places on your face where you can have Botox.

Botox for marionette lines

Weird name, I know, but marionette lines are the ones that come down from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. If you imagine a marionette puppet’s mouth opening and closing, you’ll see what I mean. The lines here can start to form and deepen as we age, making the face look like it’s pulling downwards. But Botox is a great way to reduce marionette lines,

Botox for gummy smile

A gummy smile is pretty much what it says on the tin - a smile that exposes the gums. This is caused by hyperactive lip elevator muscles, which raise the upper lip more than necessary. However, Botox for gummy smile has become a popular treatment that relaxes the muscles to give beautiful results. Botulinum toxin is injected into the lip elevator muscles, which causes them to atrophy, meaning the top lip sits lower, not showing as much of the teeth or gums.

An example of how Botox can help fix a gummy smile from Mark at PHI: Balance Aesthetics

Botox lip flip

Botox lips? For many, there’s some confusion over whether a plumper lip is down to lip fillers or Botox. But here’s the deal - fillers can enhance, enlarge and reshape, whereas a Botox lip flip targets the muscle that purses the lips. Botox is injected here to weaken the muscle and roll out slightly.

Masseter Botox

The masseters are the muscles on either side of the face that are responsible for chewing.

Constant clenching of the jaw or grinding your teeth can cause the masseter muscles to build up and cause several issues. The first being jaw pain and headaches, and the second being a square jawline. By injecting Botox into the masseter muscles, TMJ, jaw and head pain is often greatly reduced, and the jaw can be slimmed down - which is often believed to give a more feminine appearance.

Chin Botox

For some people, dimpling in the chin area can be bothersome. This is a common sign of ageing, but can be minimised by chin Botox, which smooths out any wrinkles or dimples. It’s a relatively simple procedure when done by the right person (we recommend a medically qualified practitioner) but can make a subtle but effective difference to the right candidate.

Neck Botox

Our necks are often one of the first parts of our bodies to give our age away. And this is because the thin skin our necks lose elasticity, meaning that, even if our faces are in check, our necks might be showing our true age. Ever noticed the two muscles that stand out in the front of your neck - emphasised if you say the letter E? These platysma muscles become more prominent as we age and are often the catalyst for the (horrible) term turkey neck. But anti-wrinkle treatment can be injected into various points of this muscle to reduce the pulling effect and smooth out the appearance of the neck. We have an article on how to treat an ageing neck here that you can check out for more details. And don’t miss our anti-wrinkle treatment guide that covers neck Botox.

Botox for migraines

Migraines are horrendous and can leave you feeling wiped out for days after. Severe headaches, visual disturbances and vomiting are all common symptoms, but trying to get them in check can be a challenge. If you suffer badly with them, it might be worth checking out Botox for migraines. Several injections into various points on the head and neck can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines, and, in some cases, get rid of headaches altogether. Definitely one to check out!

Armpit sweating

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and can lead to several outfit changes throughout the day. For some, it’s the palms of the hands that are worst affected, for other the soles of feet, forehead or underarms. If this is the case for you, armpit Botox (AKA Botox for sweating) can really help reduce the amount of sweat you secrete, meaning you stay dryer for longer. We have an article specifically on this topic here, so check it out for more details, and we also have a great treatment guide too!

So there you go! Tonnes of Botox areas. Whether it’s a Botox brow lift, Botox for migraines or masseter Botox, there are so many treatment options available. Check out our handy anti-wrinkle treatment guide for even more information, like Botox price, how long Botox lasts and the side effects and risks you should be aware of.

And if you’re tired of googling “Botox near me” and still not knowing where to go, check out the Glowday booking tool. You can now search for the treatment of lines and wrinkles in your area - we have hundreds of medically qualified aesthetic practitioners to choose from, where you can book a consultation.

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