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Why Do I Need A Consultation Before an Aesthetics Treatment?

Do you reeaaaally need a consultation before getting Botox or fillers? While some lay injectors don't offer one, the truth of the matter is that they are super important, for several reasons. Dr Anatalia Moore explains all.

Ready, set, book a consultation!

So, you have got to the point where you’re ready to take the plunge and book an aesthetic treatment! You know you want to look bright and fresh, but knowing how to achieve that is another matter. Or maybe you’ve had treatments before, looked at lots of before and after photos, done your research and feel confident you know what you want.

Whether you are a complete aesthetics virgin or no stranger to the needle, going for a consultation prior to getting comfortably numbed up on the treatment couch should be on the top of your to do list.

The consultation process serves a very important purpose, for both you and your aesthetic clinician.

What happens in a pre-treatment consultation?

It probably comes as no surprise that talking about your physical aesthetic goals will be top priority. However, there is much more to a great consultation than this. So, what does a pre-treatment consultation involve? Here are the main things your aesthetic practitioner should be focusing on

Is the aesthetic treatment really right for you?

Often you will be sent a pre-consultation medical questionnaire, which you can fill in and return prior to your face-to-face appointment. This provides your clinician with a lot of key medical information. What they will be looking out for in the first instance are any reasons that would mean you could not have treatments or anything that could potentially impact them in the future.

Completing this stage is so important, as it will mean that when you arrive at the clinic, you aren’t met with potential surprise and disappointment at being told you cannot have a procedure. It also allows for conversation to flow easily, with a focus on the key areas you want to treat.

Your practitioner will want to ask questions about your main motivation when it comes to getting a treatment, as well as asking you about your physical and mental health, and confirming details you have provided within your pre-consultation questionnaires. An examination of your area of concern and other associated features should also be included.

What does the aesthetic treatment involve?

Time will also be spent explaining treatment options to you, how treatments work, what to expect from the procedure itself and the results that can be achieved.

Aesthetic goals and aspirations are often deeply linked with very personal and potentially intimate areas of our life. Talking openly about such things as work, relationships and personal identity is not something we all do easily before we have got a chance to get to know someone! Don’t worry, though; the conversation shouldn't feel one-sided! You will get ample opportunity to ask any questions and, hopefully, feel comfortable and confident to talk about any other areas of concern you may have.

Why is a pre-treatment consultation so important in aesthetics?

For the newbie patient it is the first real chance to get to know the person (the practitioner) you may, ultimately, choose to entrust your face with.

While social media and other marketing platforms give you a glimpse into the world of your chosen clinician, and verified reviews give you the confidence of peer validation, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation when it comes to deciding if someone is the right fit.

For both the newbie and the seasoned patient, a consultation allows you to proceed with a treatment, knowing it is absolutely the right one for you. And of course you have every right to voice if you decide not the treatment for you.

Changes in the face as a whole can lead to us assuming one area needs to be directly treated when, in reality, it might be the case that targetting treatments towards a different area that would give you a much better result. For example, you may truly feel you need tear-trough fillers, but after consultation you end up with some more volume in your cheeks and leave feeling thoroughly thrilled with the results.

Knowledge is power

When it actually comes to the day of your treatment it is completely natural to have some butterflies. However, having had a consultation will mean you feel more prepared and comfortable, knowing what to expect from your time in the clinic and in the hours and days after.

It is not just the practical knowledge of a treatment that leaves you feeling prepared. The opportunity of getting to understand how your practitioner works, their aesthetic style, their clinical approach and their overall ethos will give you the confidence that you have chosen well.

Overall, not only can you be confident that your practitioner has gained a clear understanding of the physical results you are aiming for but that your long term well being has been considered and your best interests treated as top priority.

Simply put, all of this means that the treatment you end up receiving will be the right one. You will get beautiful physical results that truly tackle the issues that concern you. And, most importantly, you have enjoyed yourself and stayed safe along the way!

Looking to book an aesthetics consultation? Use Glowday's search tool and feel empowered knowing you've made a safe choice.

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