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Will Botox Make Me Look Weird?

There are sooooo many myths around Botox that it’s sometimes hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. But one question that often pops up with regards to the anti-wrinkle treatment is, “Will Botox make me look weird?” It’s a fair enough question. After all, there are so many pictures in the papers of people who’ve had treatments that have left them looking a bit odd. But most of the time, it’s not even Botox they’ve had done. It just seems to be the name that everyone knows, and it’s lobbed around to mean aesthetic treatments as a whole. So, does Botox ruin your face? I spoke to aesthetics nurse Emma Goldsmith, owner of The Babington Clinic, who gave me her thoughts on Botox and whether it makes you look weird, and shared some Botox before and afters for us to take a look at. Come on; let’s take a peek!

Botox or fillers?

Might seem like a strange place to start, but, a lot of the time when people mention someone’s “bad Botox”, they actually mean bad filler. I recently had a friend message me with a picture of her busted lip after an accident, and the caption read, “looks like I’ve had bad Botox”. She meant lip filler, but I didn’t have the heart to correct her at the time, as it looked pretty painful. But it’s this general lack of awareness that gives Botox (botulinum toxin) a bad name.

So, what is the difference between Botox and fillers? Well, Botox helps reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles - the ones that appear when you make certain facial expressions, like when you frown and you see those two vertical lines appear between your eyebrows (11s or frown lines), or when you smile and you see crow’s feet appear. Fillers, on the other hand, are used more for treating static lines - the ones that don’t go away when you change your expression. Fillers also add more volume to facial features, and lip fillers, cheek fillers, under eye fillers and temple fillers, and can add more structure or definition to features, like jaw fillers or chin fillers. Botox and fillers are totally different substances and do pretty different jobs. But they can be used together to give amazing, rejuvenating results.

Will Botox make me look weird?

In the nineties and early noughties, Botox got a bit of a bad reputation for making people (mainly celebs) look weird, and some who fell foul of that were Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. But that’s because they had too much and ended up looking frozen. The key to aesthetic treatments like Botox is to take it slowly, see a healthcare professional who truly knows what they’re doing and embrace the less is more approach. A good practitioner will always treat you as an individual, not go for the cookie cutter approach.

One great practitioner who knows the importance of this approach is aesthetic nurse Emma Goldsmith of The Babington Clinic. She says,

“Bad Botox looks weird. Good Botox, that is Botox that has been injected skilfully, does not look weird! It is in the skill and experience of the injector.

When it comes to Botox, I’m a believer that dose equals duration. So, when patients ask for baby Botox, this can be done, but they would likely be disappointed with the results. They will get the movement that they desire, but it would likely wear off after a few weeks instead of a few months. Botox is a drug, so it has a recommended dosage as with any other.

But, like taking any drug, each time you take it, it may have a different effect. For example, sometimes when you take paracetamol, it works really well and other times not so well. It all depends on lots of different factors. I believe the same can be said for each time you have Botox injections. So, the skill lies in the injector being able to properly assess you, making sure that there are no other factors that might affect your treatment, and making sure your Botox dose is adjusted accordingly. This avoids overdosing or underdosing, which is when you can start to look weird.

Many patients are not aware that Botox works on muscles and not directly on the skin. Not all patients are ideal candidates for this treatment, particularly if skin laxity is a concern. It stops muscles from moving, to avoid the skin above forming lines from repeated movements. Therefore, although a one-off treatment is great, most patients will benefit from repeated treatments as advised by their clinician."

Why does Botox sometimes make people look weird?

As Emma mentioned, above, there are a few factors that can contribute to Botox giving you a weird or fake look. So, what exactly are these factors? And what should you be aware of when looking for a great Botox practitioner?

Emma explains, “Factors that can make Botox look weird include seeing an unskilled injector who uses a standard pattern of injection for every single patient. People are not textbook, and injection patterns should be adapted accordingly. My advice to patients is to look at a practitioner’s before and after pictures, and ensure that they care for a variety of patients - for example, younger or more mature patients, male and female.

Botox will also look weird if you only choose to treat an isolated area of the face. For example if you only choose to treat your upper face and not your lower face. Botox is great at feature enhancement, for example eliminating crows' feet around the eyes, but if the rest of the face is extremely wrinkled then this gives a very bizarre outcome. A good injector will recommend a holistic approach to your skincare treatment regime. There are some great uses for Botox to consider that complement the better known upper face areas - for example, the Nefertiti neck lift.

Anti-wrinkle injections should make you look like you, just fresher. It should not make you look stony-faced or devoid of emotions. If you choose to wear makeup, it should allow the makeup or skincare to sit better on the face. It should give you the confidence that you deserve. It should not make you feel self-conscious and full of regret.

Botox is one of my favourite and most popular treatments, and that’s because it is not permanent. You can amend your treatment plan for each session and be personalised for each patient. But it does take a skilled and experienced injector to make this a safe and effective treatment.”

Botox before and afters: What does good Botox look like?

Ok, so we know what bad Botox looks like - frozen and…well, just weird. But what exactly does good Botox look like? Here are some amazing examples by the wonderful Emma:

Botox for crow's feet before and after. Emma's client looking fresh and rejuventaed.

Botox for forhead and frown lines before and after

Lines and wrinkles are reduced in this Botox before and after

Just check out this natural Botox before and after

Stunning results, with the client's 11s (frownlines) masively reduced

How to avoid Botox face

In summary, yes, Botox can look weird if done by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, or uses a cookie cutter approach, injecting the same amount in the same places in everyone they treat. But, when done right, Botox can also give a refreshed and rejuvenated look. Here are three tips that should help you avoid looking weird after Botox!

1) Choose the right Botox practitioner

Select a medically qualified practitioner who is well-trained in aesthetics. Botox is a prescription-only medicine, so see a healthcare professional.

2) Look at Botox before and afters

It’s always a good idea to look at practitioners’ Botox before and after photos before deciding if they’re the right fit for you. Don’t like their work? Move on to the next!

3) Read Botox reviews

It’s also advisable to look at reviews before booking in with a Botox practitioner. That way, you can see if they are reputable, if other people like their work, and if they have ever had any issues. But make sure they are trusted reviews from people who genuinely have had treatments.

So, there you have it. Botox is not just for people who want to look 'done'. It's for normal women and men who just want to look fresher. And that's exactly what results you'll get when you're in the right hands.

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