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Beyoncé At 40: Has she had a tweak or two?

Beyoncè has turned 40! Holy moly, she looks SO GOOD. Queen Bey has never admitted to having any aesthetic treatments or plastic surgery, and credits her phenomenal wrinkle-free-smooth-glowy-fresh-gorgeous face to 'healthy living and water'. We hate to be cynical (actually I don't, it's my favourite pastime), but we're not entirely convinced about this given what we know about the ageing process and the stuff that happens to EVERYONE, so we asked a couple of experts to tell us what they thought. Ready? Let's go...

Dr Emily Briggs, from Dr Emily Medical Aesthetics says: "I think that first and foremost it is important to bear in mind that the ageing process has a significant genetic component and it is clear that Beyoncè has been blessed with very good genes. She has minimal pigmentation, fine lines or wrinkles which indicates that she has been a religious user of good-quality SPF."

Best Thing I Never Had (except she probably did)

"In addition to use of high quality medical-grade skincare and sun cream, Beyoncè may have had botulinum toxin injections (AKA Botox to you and I) to her forehead and frown area (frontalis and glabella) to prevent the formation of deeper static lines." continues Dr Emily. "She has probably had skin resurfacing treatments such as chemical or laser peels to treat the signs of mild photo-ageing.

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Crazy in Filler

Oooh, tell us more Dr Emily, what else do you think she may have tried?

"Beyoncé has been lucky to maintain a youthful facial fullness. This may have been aided by addition of hyaluronic acid filler to the mid-face - cheeks, tear trough and malar fat pads and possible a small amount to her lips for hydration and plumpness. It is likely that she has treatments such as Profhilo and microneedling to maintain her skin health and hydration and mitigate the effects of ageing. We can speculate - but all in all Beyoncé looks natural, healthy and glowing at 40 years young and if she has had any non-invasive aesthetic treatments to help her age gracefully then she is a brilliant example for it."

We can't argue with that Dr Emily!

There's no denying that good genes are mostly behind Bey Bey's amazing face!

Magical ingredients for glowing skin

We also asked the beautiful and talented Dr Bryony Elder from Ametrine Aesthetics what she believes is Beyoncé's secret sauce

Dr Bryony says: "B’s skin is glowing! I presume that there is a fantastic team to support her and her skin care. The essentials are likely to be covered such as exfoliators and hydrators and peptides and retinol are likely to be in the mix."

Dr Bryony agrees with Dr Emily that Skin Boosters could be favoured by Beyoncé too, she says; "B may have undergone some injectable skincare, such as Profhilo to hydrate and boost the skin from within to give that gorgeous glow and plump skin."

Where are the fine lines and wrinkles?

Dr Bryony says: "Now this could have been achieved by great skin care, however it is not beyond the realms of belief that B may have had a couple of drops of wrinkle relaxing, this treatment targets muscles of facial expression, specifically the upper face to relax and soften any fine lines and wrinkles to add to the glowing and vibrancy of B’s skin."

Pump up the volume

"Beyoncé's beautiful bone structure and features look great for 40. However after the age of 25, as a women, fat depletes and migrates from the mid-cheek region. This can lead to loss of volume in the face and can lead to wrinkles and the signs of ageing, so she could have had some dermal filler in her cheeks, and I suspect added some volume to her lips too." adds Dr Bryony.

Probably would be very few single ladies if we all looked like Bey.

What do the men think?

Glowday Cosmetic Practitioner and Closer Magazine columnist, Amar Suchde, of AMS Aesthetics, believes it wouldn't be wrong to potentially think she may have had a few “tweakments” along the way.

He says; "Looking at Queen B- you can see she’s maintained great structure, but I believe if you look closely, certain features are more enhanced in relation to general ageing factors. Everyone ages differently, so we have to respect that- but I do believe Beyoncé has potentially had her cheeks more enhanced to help enhance the curve and help give a more lifting effect."

The magazines love him, we love him, and he loves Beyoncé! Amar shares his thoughts on her incredible face.

Eyebrows on point!

Amar continues: "I believe she may have had some wrinkle relaxers also, which has meant she can kept a flawless appearance and help give her that raised eyebrow, that emphasises beauty and surrounding features in females. Anything more than that, may have been done so well, that it’s aligned her beauty of the years. But, she most likely has maintained great skin treatments and potentially skin tightening treatments that can help define and lift lower features and maintain youthful beauty. In summary, Queen B is looking amazing at 40!"

We agree with you there Amar!

Beautiful Liar

So there we have it. The experts, and the gang at Glowday, reckon it's v likely Beyoncé's had a bit of help with non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Do we care? OF COURSE NOT. She still looks natural, she still looks like Beyoncé, she still looks like an absolute QUEEN.

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