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Aesthetics Trends 2020: What Clients Want

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go in the aesthetics industry, while others remain constant favourites. But what are the biggest trends we’ll be seeing more of in 2020 when it comes to products, treatment areas and more? And what impact will COVID-19 have on what we see in the coming months? I spoke to 5 of the UK’s finest aesthetic practitioners to get their views on how the aesthetics industry is set to look for the rest of the year and beyond...

Skin treatments will be huge

According to Dr Sophie Shotter of the Illuminate Skin Clinic, “People want to look radiant and well. Everyone wants smooth, glowing skin, with minimal pores. There is no end in sight for this, and it’s fuelled by Instagram filters. I get asked by almost every patient how they can achieve this.”

Dr Vincent Wong is also on the same page when it comes to skin treatments. He told me, “Good skin is always in! I’ve always been an advocate for medical grade skin treatments and skincare products. I think that skin health is often overlooked when it comes to medical aesthetics, both by patients and practitioners. The way light is reflected off our skin changes with age, therefore it is important to keep our skin as healthy as we can by correcting any damages caused by chrono and photoageing. There’s only so much dermal fillers and neurotoxins can do - if the skin quality isn’t there, we simply won’t get the full impact. With more companies focusing on consumer education on skin quality, and campaigns such as #MYNCTF by FillMed, I believe that this will be one of the top trends for 2020.”

On top of this, Dr Steven Land of Novellus Aesthetics told me he too believes skin treatments will be key. “We’ll continue to see the rise of microneedling/microinfusion treatments such as the WOW Fusion, or as part of combination, multi-step facials, such as the one we are developing. By combining microneedling and mesotherapy into one treatment we create more channels for the microinfusion of mesotherapy products. We stimulate the skin and increase the uptake of all the vital skin goodies by infusing them directly into the deeper layers, where they can work much more effectively than topically applied products.”

Aesthetic Nurse, Trainer & Qualified Educator Anna Baker also believes skin will be huge in 2020, with a specific focus on pigmentation. “This will be one of the most sought after treatments of the year. More and more people are seeking out treatment of pigmentation and there are a lot of new ingredient formulations out there that are much better tolerated than ever before. It’s not just a seasonal treatment - it’s here to stay.”

Jawline contouring will increase in popularity

Dr Sophie Shotter believes jawline contouring will be another big trend this year. She explains, “People are aware of their profiles, largely because we are more photographed than any previous generation. I get a lot of people asking me to give more strength and definition to their lower face.”

This is a trend that Dr Vincent Wong agrees will continue to soar in popularity in 2020. He told me, “Jawline and chin enhancement is a big part of facial balancing and harmony, and can restore a youthful face shape. With the rise of social media use and selfie culture, more people are looking to enhance their profile without looking overdone. 2019 saw the launch of Juvederm Volux – an innovative filler specially formulated to restore and create volume in the chin and jaw area for up to 18-24 months, offering patients a safe and effective way to enhance the lower face with natural-looking results. I believe that lower-face enhancement will continue to be a big trend for 2020.”

Public perception of treatments will develop

While treatments such as fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are very much in the public eye, some other aesthetic treatments are not so well known. Dr Anna Hemming of the Thames Skin Clinic explains, “A lot of the treatments we do already have not yet become normal. We have refined treatments that have been available for quite a while to give much better results. But these more natural results are not assumed as the normal outcome for the treatment. I believe the public’s perception of treatments and what’s achievable will grow and develop. With that - I hope - come two things: the acceptance that skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing is a journey and not just a single treatment, and combination treatments - so it’s not just Botox or filler, it’s a combination of treatments that work in different layers and rejuvenate different aspects of the ageing anatomy to give the best results. I think this will become more widely known.”

Aesthetic treatments will become more commonplace

The aesthetics industry has always carried with it a fair bit of stigma, but according to Dr Anna Hemming, “aesthetic medicine will become better known for normal treatments rather than the more obscure ones. So, it will become more like popping to the hairdressers. You’ll go to your aesthetic practitioner to get your skin hydrated. I think we are starting to see it more and more. I just hope it becomes less of a secret; I want people to take positive action.”

We’ll see a rise in natural, full face assessment and treatments

Dr Steven Land also hopes we’ll see an increase in the number of more natural, full-face assessments and treatments. He explains that, “assessing the patient’s exact needs and tailoring their treatment plans to give an overall more natural, balanced result from their multi-modal filler, toxin and skin treatment” will be essential. He goes on to say, “This is a huge advance from the cookie cutter 'packages' and single treatments that advanced practitioners have moved on from. Bespoke facial rejuvenation is a Novellus speciality.”

Our love for bioremodelling will continue

It’s fair to say that we’ve been pretty obsessed with skin treatments, such as Profhilo over the last 12 months and, according to Anna Baker, that trend is going nowhere fast. She explains that Profhilo “has, increasingly, been recognised as a brilliant treatment for skin laxity and, while it is generally used in the mid to lower face, thanks to its ability to strengthen four different types of collagen, it can also be used on crepey skin on the chest, elbows and knees. However, there is so much research around it at the moment, and the potential for it is amazing. The science and clinicals behind Profhilo are incredible - we have never had anything as pure in this market.”

COVID-19 will have a significant impact on trends

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on the aesthetics industry as much as any other. Dr Sophie Shotter says, “I expect interest will shift from treatments in clinic to treatments at home. People will want to know how they can continue to look after their face and body from the comfort of their own home. I anticipate that skincare consultations conducted remotely will become more popular, and products like home peels will fly, as well as sales of home use devices.”

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