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Bye Bye Trout Pout, Hello Natural-Looking Lips!

Is less finally more when it comes to fillers? Over the last few years, we’ve all seen pictures of sausage lips, duck lips, trout pouts - the works. But the thing about fillers is knowing when to stop. When done correctly by a medically qualified practitioner, they actually can create a gorgeous natural look, whether placed in your lips, cheeks, temples or wherever else. In this article, Ness Griffiths, aesthetic nurse at Novellus Aesthetics, explains why so many more people now want natural looking filler, and how to achieve this look.

At Novellus Aesthetics, we’ve noticed a marked spike in the number of patients requesting to have lip fillers dissolved since the first lockdown. Many people have been coming to us from other clinics, where they had been going for more and more filler once the initial impact had worn off, but are now opting for a more natural look. We’ve termed this change in attitude ‘filler reset’.

Natural filler

We all know someone with the outrageous lips, trout pouts, or ‘alien style’ cheeks that just seem incongruous with the rest of the face. As a clinic, our ethos is to achieve the most natural look for the patient. We aim for treatments to balance and enhance the facial features rather than to dominate the face. Fillers and other facial aesthetic treatments that have been artfully and skilfully placed, using a range of modern techniques and a full face assessment approach, should be very hard to spot to the untrained eye. Badly done fillers stick out like a sore thumb.

Filler reset

There are a few theories as to why this shift to ‘filler reset’ has happened, and here are a few:

With workplaces having to change their practices for social distancing, Zoom and other video platforms have become hugely popular and commonplace. Obviously with that, people are spending a significant proportion of their days looking at, and sometimes scrutinising, their own facial features. Many patients attending the clinic have cited this new found awareness of their appearance as a driving force for wanting to make changes, and often revert to a more natural look.

Another direct consequence of lockdown has been the inability for patients to have their usual beauty treatments, with salons and spas being required to close. Many people have been embracing their natural beauty during this time, setting aside the makeup and styling products for several months, and then growing accustomed to this appearance.

Dissolving filler

This shift in trend has spilled over into aesthetic medicine. We have seen a huge increase in the numbers of people booking appointments to dissolve filler that’s been overdone elsewhere, or where the cosmetic results were poor. They are keen to get rid of this and start again from scratch – with a different desired outcome. With the reduction in the amount of socialising everyone can do, we’ve noted people are more comfortable undergoing this transition period, as filler can’t immediately be replaced after dissolving. Face masks have become a silver lining for many, as people have been able to hide behind them whilst out in public and given them a chance for them to recover and features to settle. Many people have put off this dissolving process for fear of having to essentially show their insecurities – but now it can all be concealed. Wearing a mask has empowered people to embrace their natural beauty.

The procedure of ‘filler reset’ is not in itself without risks. The enzyme that breaks down filler (hyaluronidase) is a prescription only medication, and its administration should only be carried out by a medical professional. We’d strongly advocate doing your research on the practitioner before committing to any procedure, and ensuring they have sufficient medical training and insurance. A qualified team such as at Novellus will always strive to achieve a look their patients desire, but also be able to know when to stop to avoid a noticeable and unnatural look. Our motto and main philosophy is ‘everyone will notice, no one will know’.

Thanks so much to the lovely Ness at Novellus Aesthetics for this great piece! If you are looking to reset your fillers, or fancy getting a natural look with cosmetic treatments, check out the hundreds of medically qualified cosmetic practitioners listed on Glowday.

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