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What treatments can I have at the same time?

We’re busy. Often multi-tasking. Always on the go. Doing admin on the train. Answering emails when we’re sorting the dinner. So it makes sense to get multiple treatments in an appointment.


Possibly. Maybe. It depends!

Here's a guide to treatments that are good to combine and ones you definitely need to book in for separately.

Can I have Botox and Profhilo at the same time?


Anti-wrinkle treatments and skin boosters are great treatment buddies, and even better, you can have both in the same appointment - between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on whether you like to be numbed for your skinboosters or not.

The great thing about this treatment combo is that wrinkle-relaxing typically refreshes the upper third of your face and skin boosters can rejuvenate the lower 2/3rds of your face.

Time: 30-60 min

Can I have Botox and a facial at the same time?

It depends

You could have the facial first and the toxin second. But you don’t want to be massaging the skin and muscles that any toxin has been placed in, as it could make the product move around potentially resulting in muscles getting affected that you really don’t want to be!

Time: 30-60 min

Can I have Botox and microneedling at the same time?


Microneedling creates tiny micro-injuries in the skin, which triggers a skin healing response…the skin becomes red, sensitive and can be a little sore. You don’t want to be injecting the skin when it is in this state.

Equally, you don’t want to have your wrinkle relaxing injections, then have a vibrating microneedling device move over the treated area repeatedly, moving that toxin to where it shouldn’t be. This could increase the risk of you developing complications like ptosis.

Can I have Botox and fillers at the same time?


If you’re getting the top third of your face treated with anti-wrinkle injections, and the bottom two thirds treated with fillers - think tear troughs, cheeks, jaw, chin, lips, nasolabial lines…then combining both treatments in one treatment is fine.

That said, if you’re having a lip flip, a nefertiti neck lift or your sad mouth treated with toxin, you might want to see the effects of that treatment before having filler placed in the same area.

Time: 45-90 min

Can I have botox or fillers and a chemical peel at the same time?

It depends

Some chemical peels are quite spicy. So you may wish to have treatment on different days.

That said, having a superficial chemical peel and following that with anti-wrinkle injections shouldn’t lead to any issues, as long as post-treatment advice is followed.

Time: 45-90 min

Can I have a chemical peel and microneedling at the same time?

You can…but you might not want to!

Some people like to exfoliate with a chemical peel and follow this with some lovely collagen-boosting microneedling. Individually, both these treatments can sometimes have significant side effects - think flaking, peeling, redness. So doubling up could mean more severe, or longer lasting, side effects.

Booking in for this combo is only advisable if your practitioner knows your skin very well and can determine the right chemical peel to couple with microneedling for your specific needs.

Time: 60-120 min (depending on area being microneedled)

As is always the case with aesthetic treatments, regardless of what you book or think you need, you will always have a consultation first. This will allow your practitioner to thoroughly assess you holistically, check through your medical history and determine the best course of action for you.

If you’re looking for a practitioner to help get your skin in shape, or you’d like to chat about injectables, skinboosters or other medical aesthetic treatments, head to and find a qualified, trained and insured practitioner near you.

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