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I'm Just A Cheeky Girl!

Apologies if you thought this article was going to be about the Romanian identical twins singing duo Gabriela and Monica. I bet they've had a vial or two of Botox by now though. Instead, this piece is all about a much more interesting person - the lovely Karen, who gave us the scoop on why she gets midface fillers, and even shared her cheek filler before and after images.

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Midface Filler For The Win.

As we get older our skin starts to sag, and this can be particularly noticeable around our midface area, where our cheeks start to look flat. But there’s a great non-surgical way to combat this midface sag! Karen from the South East, has been getting cheek fillers for the past two years and has been feeling fantastic ever since! She shared her experience with us…

Hi Karen! Tell us all about your midface filler experience. What made you decide to get cheek fillers?

I was getting sagging around my jawline, so I went to see aesthetic practitioner Lauren Turner and she suggested getting cheek filler, as she said this would give a good lift. I have quite high cheekbones anyway and this treatment just gives me such a great result. I call Lauren the cheek queen.

When I looked in the mirror after the treatment, it was like looking at me from years ago. It emphasised the cheeks that I had. I don’t look different - just more youthful. I first had it done two years ago, and I think I’ve had it done twice since.

If I go to Lauren to ask for a topup or repeat treatment, she’s always really honest with me when I don’t need it. She’s not afraid to say no if she doesn’t think it’s the right thing for you. And she’s always right! I never feel any pain when I get my midface fillers done. I put this down to Lauren’s skills. It’s just a tiny little prick and then that’s it!

Karen before her midface cheek filler treatment

Karen straight after her cheek filler

Sounds incredible! What have been the main benefits of cheek filler for you?

I look so natural - you’d never know I’d had anything done. When I look in the mirror, it’s me, just a little bit more youthful and with taut skin, which everyone wants. It’s easier to put makeup on since having the cheek filler, and it looks so good when I do wear it.

So many people say to me, “You’re looking so well. Your face, your skin...everything!” I don’t really tell a lot of people I get it because I just think it’s my business. But I like that I don’t look different. People can’t tell I’ve had anything done; they just say I look well, and nobody believes I’m my age - they all think I’m in my forties.

Do you get any other aesthetic treatments done?

I have Botox for crow’s feet - the wrinkles around my eyes - and they’re much, much better since getting that. I also get a Botox brow lift just to lift the brow area a bit, as well as in my marionette lines. All that contributes to making me look a bit more youthful. I had my lips done years ago, when lip fillers first came out, but it was painful and the person I saw burst a blood vessel and it was really painful. I was petrified! I have had lip fillers done with Lauren since and was so surprised because I was expecting to feel pain, but it wasn’t painful at all.

It’s great to hear you’re so happy with the treatments you’ve had done. Thanks for sharing your experience, Karen!

If you would like to book in with Lauren who is based in East Dulwich, you can do so here or if you're looking for someone closer to you, who can help you to turn back the clock and achieve a more youthful appearance you can see who is in your area and book here

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