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Facial Sculpting with Jawline Filler

In this article you'll discover...

  • What is jawline augmentation?
  • Are jawline fillers for me?
  • Masculinisation: jawline fillers for men
  • How long do jawline fillers last
  • Where to go for jaw fillers
  • Jawline filler cost UK

There’s been a huge surge in the desire for a sharp jawline in the last couple of years - partly down to social media, partly down to various celebs whose jaws have given us serious envy - and partly down to the incredible jawline filler before and after images we see online. But what is jawline filler (AKA jawline contouring or jawline augmentation)? And how can this treatment give us the strong jawline we’re after? If you want to know how to get a better jawline without surgery, read on…

What is jawline augmentation?

Jawline augmentation is a well-loved, non-surgical treatment that uses dermal filler - there are both hyaluronic acid and non-hyaluronic acid types available - which is injected into the area to give a more defined jaw. As well as creating sharpness, jawline fillers are also great for reducing the appearance of jowls. They’re popular with both men and women for creating definition.

Are jawline fillers for me?

Jawline augmentation can be a brilliant treatment for balancing a profile and is often done alongside chin augmentation to strengthen a weak chin or provide more definition to the bottom part of the face.

Dr Bibi Ghalaie, who sees a huge number of patients for jawline fillers, says, “it’s really diverse in terms of the patient demographic, and can be anyone from a young patient who wants a more defined jawline to a much older patient, say in their 70s, who has laxity and sagging of the skin.

She continues, “In some patients, it can make such a difference. In patients whose chin sits slightly posterior to the profile, bringing the chin forward and treating the jaw at the same time can really harmonise the profile beautifully. Creating a beautiful jawline all comes down to knowing what products to use and how to place them, and being strategic with a cannula.”

And just look at this incredible jawline filler before and after result from Dr Bibi...

Skin type, tones and gender don’t affect whether or not you are a suitable candidate for profile balancing like jawline fillers but, according to Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann of Smileworks, there are several reasons why you might not be a good candidate…

She explains, “Patients who are overweight are often not suitable for jawline filler, as all it will do is make it look more square and fat. Patients who have a poorly defined jawline sometimes are but it all depends on the angle of the jaw. These are the kinds of cases where patients should have been advised to engage in healthier lifestyles and lose some weight but inexperienced practitioners have stuck filler in, it looks awful and you end up dissolving the whole thing.

So, make sure you go to someone who knows what they’re doing and who uses a great product, get a good result and be happy.”

Masculinisation: jawline fillers for men

Recently, jawline augmentation has become one of the ultimate masculinisation treatments, giving men a stronger jawline that many see as a typical masculine appearance.

Dr MJ explains, “Jawline fillers have become hugely popular within the last couple of years, and I’m seeing more men coming to me for more defined jaw lines and the contour of the jaw, which can not only make the jawline look more defined and make them look and feel more confident, more manly, and more masculine, but can also make the jawline appear slimmer.”

Here's a brilliant jawline augmentation before and after by Dr MJ, which shows how she achieved masculinisation using jawline filler.

Amar Suchde of AMS Aesthetics agrees, stating, “Overall, I think the growth of masculinisation fillers has grown, so many men are coming into my clinic, wanting that more defined jawline and sharper cheekbones, but done well. A lot of men don’t want people to know they’ve had treatment, so you have to be really careful to use the right filler and respect facial balance.”

One male celebrity who is believed by many to have had jawline filler is Zac Efron. You can read all about that here.

How long do jawline fillers last?

Sounds good, so far, right? So, how long do jawline fillers last? Dr MJ says, “Often, we do the treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers or polycaprolactone dermal fillers. The latter will last longer, so we generally tend to get a couple of years from it, as opposed to a year or a year and a half. While hyaluronic acid fillers don’t last quite as long, they do give an immediate wow look.”

Where to go for jaw fillers

A quick google search for “jaw augmentation near me” will bring up tonnes of places to go and get jawline fillers, but due to the complexity of the treatment, it should only be done by a medically qualified practitioner. It requires a high level of skill and understanding of facial anatomy. So, instead, have a search on Glowday, where you’ll find hundreds of medically qualified, well-trained filler pros! Here’s why Dr MJ believes this is important...

“Jawline fillers should always be done by a medical professional who has experience and training in this treatment. There are always risks - vascular occlusions, blindness… It’s not just fillers to the nose or glabella that can cause serious issues. And filler complications are increasing.

We’re seeing a lot of practitioners doing jawline fillers but, unfortunately, I’m also seeing lots of patients who are coming to me post-jawline fillers, who haven’t netted the desired result. Especially due to either poor quality dermal fillers or dermal fillers in the wrong place, and where practitioners who don’t have the right training are not assessing the face properly. Facial assessment is one of the main drivers for aesthetic improvement of the male jawline. So, when we assess the male face - or any face - we need to make sure we assess the relationship between the upper and lower jaw and the angle of the mandible and whether it’s even suitable.”

Jawline fillers cost UK

So, now we know what jawline fillers are and who might be a good candidate, what about cost? How much is jawline augmentation? Well, it depends on several factors - the type of filler that’s used, the practitioner and their expertise, and where you are in the country. But prices can vary from £200 to £500+. On Glowday, you’re able to look at practitioner profiles and see how much that expert charges for the treatments they offer. A consultation will need to be done before your treatment - firstly to see whether it’s the right tweakment for you, and also to determine much filler you’ll need in order to get the desired result - and this may affect how much you pay.

If you want to address a weak jawline and don’t want the more permanent jawline surgery, jaw fillers are a great option. We have a super guide that covers all things fillers for further reference on what to expect. And if you want to find yourself an incredible jawline augmentation expert in your area, check out the Glowday search tool. We list hundreds of ONLY medically qualified aesthetic practitioners, meaning you’ll be in safe hands for your jawline filler treatment!

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