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"Glowday Offers a Toolbox to Assist with Linking Us Safely to Our Prospective Patients"

Why join Glowday, and what’s so great about the platform from a practitioner perspective? I spoke to Marie Fuller of ElysiPhi Aesthetics Ltd to get her thoughts.

Hi Marie! How did you first come across Glowday, and what was it that sparked your interest in the platform?

I first heard about Glowday through Harley Academy when I was a level 7 student. What sparked my interest was the fact that Glowday were developing an information and booking site for patients that only verified medically qualified practitioners could join.

Joining Glowday was something I could do to demonstrate the measures I had put in place to make my clinic as safe as possible for my patients. I was also intrigued by Glowday’s planned national campaigns.

It was apparent from early on that the Glowday family had similar values and ethos to ElysiPhi. We both want what is best for the public, and to dispel the myths about the aesthetics industry. Since signing up, I have felt included as part of the team, and there has always been great communication, with no question too silly to ask.

How was the process of setting up your Glowday profile?

Getting started was really simple. For me, my only difficulty was finding the right photos! Luckily, I have earnt my photography session, which is coming up soon. What I really liked about the setting up process was that you ask for evidence of certificates. That way of verifying is a really good step, and not every organisation does these checks. Setting up a profile was quick and it went live straight away.

What have been the main benefits of joining Glowday, so far?

Glowday has allowed me to join a network of like-minded practitioners, share information, and build friendships. It has proved to be a friendly and supportive environment, which is welcomed when working alone.

For me, the main benefit of being a practitioner on Glowday is the positive feedback I have received from my patients about their Glowday experience. This is vitally important as this also reflects on my business. I love that my patients have been able to compare practitioners, locally, find treatment information and leave verified reviews. All of these steps help the public assess if they want to visit ElysiPhi.

When patients search for a new clinic or a procedure it is understandably stressful. It can take a while for trust to build and bookings to come in. Glowday have understood this and ensured the patient journey is seamless and well informed.

Your blogs and spotlights, featuring different practitioners, cover a wide variety of treatment specialties, which is a fantastic resource when recommending treatments to my patients in clinic. You’re helping practitioners provide that evidence based practice as well.

Oh and, of course, Glowday is FREE to join. There is so much out there aimed at aesthetic practitioners, and everyone wants something from us. We have so many different things we have to pay out for, so by being able to upload our details for free was a real bonus.

Whether you’re a new practitioner, fresh out of training, or you’re an established practitioner, Glowday offers a toolbox to assist with linking us safely to our prospective patients. I see it as a tool box for information. There’s real diversity in the way people might want to use it. I’ve recommended Glowday to many, and will continue to.

What features would you like to see on Glowday that aren’t already there?

The development of an electronic patient database would be a really positive next step. I would also like to see a way of practitioners being able to send aftercare information electronically to patients, post appointment.

It might also be interesting for Glowday to collaborate with industry bodies, such as the BACN, BCAM, JCCP, CMAC to get the most up to date information on what patients can expect from a service, practitioner or clinic. There is tonnes of great work going on within these organisations to highlight patient safety, standardising practice, and management of complications, and patients and practitioners can benefit from sharing this knowledge.

I’ve always found that if there’s an improvement that could be made, you guys at Glowday are really open to ideas and encourage development – that’s what makes you so awesome.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and thoughts, Marie!

Fancy seeing the amazing benefits of Glowday for yourself? Find out more here or contact our clinic onboarding superstar Leigh on or 07376047260

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