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“We Need to Be Future-proof Now and the Future for That Is going to Be Glowday.”

We can tell you how amazing Glowday is till the cows come home, but we’d be accused of being biased. Fortunately, our lovely practitioners can vouch for how great our platform is. And here to spill the beans on his experience with Glowday, so far, is the fantastic Amar Suchde of AMS Aesthetics.

Hi Amar! How did you first come across Glowday, and what made you decide to join our platform?

I first came across Glowday on social media. Last spring, I saw something on Instagram about you and wondered, “hmmm, who are they?” At the time, you were only open to specific healthcare professionals, and not to prescribing pharmacists. So I approached Glowday and asked whether you’d consider listing professionals like me, and it really just went from there.

I spoke to Hannah - who’s gold - and I got to meet the team, and I had an amazing time learning about the company’s vision. Hannah’s always been really receptive and approachable, and I think that’s what sets Glowday apart from any other company trying to do the same thing. It’s that good understanding and empathy that’s easier to relate to. It’s been an amazing journey so far!

I’m currently in the process of transitioning from Treatwell, which we use heavily at the moment. Around about two years ago, Treatwell stopped any kind of advertising for aesthetics, so I was looking for a platform that could cater more towards what we needed. When I came across Glowday and got to hear what your message was all about, it was a massive reason for me to want to use the platform and start to make the full transition from Treatwell. Why be with someone who doesn’t support us? The way the Glowday system works is more efficient, and has an ability to overcome the issue of no-shows and all these different functions that I think is good for a patient-injector relationship. We need to be future-proof now and the future for that is going to be Glowday.

What have been the key benefits you’ve noticed since joining Glowday?

It’s a very patient-safety focused platform. Having a company like Glowday vetting the aesthetic practitioners that are coming through means when patients come to the platform, they are confident that they’re booking with an injector who has been verified and approved. The system will be really key for the patient journey too - from the booking process all the way through to them leaving the clinic and after. And the fact that you collect verified reviews on behalf of the clinics will be really great for businesses too, as they’ll have a stronger position on Google.

The amount of work you do on your SEO, your articles, blogs and interviews is great, and if you search for my clinic, my Glowday profile shows up high on the Google search results. This is an automatic gain for businesses as well, as we get more exposure on Google.

Would you recommend Glowday to other practitioners?

I’d 100% recommend Glowday! At my academy, we have a process where we’re going to put a lot of our students through Glowday, so everyone will have their own profile and their own business platform, with the ability to grow, which I think is going to be key.

What features would you like to see on Glowday that we don’t currently have?

I’d like to see a Glowday app. Currently, I have the Glowday wraparound function on my phone but, from a customer experience point of view, some patients would find it much easier to have an app, which simplifies their journey.

I think Glowday’s upcoming customer management system will be really good. Having a backend system that’s really quick and simple for us, especially when it comes to being able to type in a name and searching for a customer, will be key. Once this is in place, it’s going to take Glowday to the next level!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amar! Great to hear you're getting a lot out of the Glowday platform.

Fancy seeing the amazing benefits of Glowday for yourself? Find out more here or contact our clinic onboarding superstar Leigh on or 07376047260

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