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I Hate My Gummy Smile: What Can I Do?

Horse face, gummy bear, shark teeth… if you’re someone who has had a gummy smile since you were a kid you may have sadly encountered some of this teasing and the nicknames that are often associated with a gummy smile. When it comes to smiling, we are now not only concerned with how sparkly and straight our teeth are but also how much of our gums are showing. And it seems that when it comes to a gummy smile, less is more.

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What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is, quite simply, when a lot of gum is exposed in a full smile which some people feel self-conscious about. It's also known (medically) as excessive gingival display, when you smile and too much gum tissue shows above the top teeth.

An incredible before and after showing how Botox can help fix a gummy smile from Caroline Hall at R&R Aesthetics

What causes a gummy smile?

There are a few causes of this, some of which are simple to explain, like having a short upper lip which physically can’t cover the gum area or a hypermobile lip - when a lip moves too much. There are also a few causes which are more complicated to explain and probably best left to a dentist.

How can I fix my gummy smile?

Traditionally, clients may be offered periodontal surgery, where crowns are used to “lengthen” the teeth, or orthognathic surgery, where the jaw bones are repositioned, to fix a gummy smile. However, the process for both can be lengthy and expensive and may not work for everybody - for example, these procedures will not fix a hypermobile lip.

The good news though is that the clever aesthetic scientists have worked out that some carefully placed Botox around the lip area can help clients minimise a gummy smile. The process is quick and simple and non-invasive. It works by injecting just a few shots of Botox into the upper lip muscles which relaxes the top lip so that when you smile it doesn’t move as much and Tadah - no more gummy smile!

This before and after transformation, of a patient who wanted her gummy smile fixed before her wedding, was completed by Astra Farmer at A Little Enhancement

How long does Botox for gummy smile last?

Botox isn’t permanent but you can expect the results to last around 3 months, after which you’ll need a top up. As always, these treatments come with some risks so it’s vital that you research your practitioner ensuring they are medically trained to understand the anatomy of the mouth and whether it will work for you.

A gummy smile before and after photo from Claire Ashley at Ashley Aesthetics

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