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I want to look…Just Fabulous!

It’s refreshing to meet men who get aesthetic treatments and are happy to talk openly about them and their benefits. So I was thrilled to chat with Jay Kamiraz, also known as Mr Fabulous - TV Personality, and former BBC One Talent Judge.

In our interview, he talked through his experience with cheek fillers and lip filler, and explained why he’ll only ever see a medically qualified practitioner for his cosmetic treatments. He also shares his cheek and lip filler before and after images...

Hi Jay! What was it that first attracted you to aesthetic treatments?

I’ve enlisted my trust in Dr Giorgia Ratta for many years now, and she’s helped with making my skin look brighter - that’s how it all started. I’ve recently lost a bit of weight, and because I work in TV and media, for me, it’s always important to look and feel good. If you look and feel good, people feed off that energy.

I used to do a lot of contouring but I wanted to see if there was any way I could have the effect of a contoured face without having to apply too much makeup. I spoke to Giorgia and she said it might be a good idea to have cheek filler, which would slightly raise my face and give the illusion of high cheekbones.

Ah great! What was it like getting cheek filler? Did it hurt?

I didn’t feel any pain at all and my cheeks have since taken great shape since getting midface filler. Giorgia knows what she’s doing - she’s a qualified doctor. I wouldn’t go to a beautician. No disrespect to them but they don’t really understand the anatomy of the face, whereas someone like Giorgia knows exactly where to inject and how the face should look.

I always say, I don’t want that fake look. I just want slight alterations to give me that natural-looking appearance, and she’s given me that.

She also noticed that one side of my bottom lip could do with a bit of plumping with lip filler. I’d never had my lips done before so for me, that was my first step.

And how were the lip fillers?

There was no pain with the lip fillers; just a few sharp scratches - but that’s to be expected. I didn’t really have much swelling either. I told Giorgia that I had a big cover shoot coming up and she explained it was better to have the treatment a week or two prior so that my lips would have settled. I trust Giorgia wholeheartedly. She works magic!

How do you feel since getting the cheek fillers and lip filler done?

My look is very important to me and I feel so good since getting these treatments done. I feel confident and like the way I look, and I feel like the older I’m getting and the more I put my trust in Giorgia, the younger I’m looking. I like looking natural and not like I’ve had work done - I don’t want to look fake or plastic.

I’ve also had chemical peels to help brighten my skin, which helps when I’m going out to an event or I’ve got a photoshoot or film job coming up. I spend a lot less time with makeup than before.

I’m forty plus fabulous - not a day over fabulous. But I look now how I looked when I was younger with Giorgia’s help. People tell me I look much younger than I am.

Do you tell people you get aesthetic treatments?

I’m happy to share it! Some people say, “You don’t need it!” but it’s a personal choice. I think the reason I continue to do it is that I’ve found someone I can really trust and who understands and knows my face.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about getting treatments like cheek filler, lip filler or chemical peels?

When getting an aesthetic treatment it is paramount to trust and have a transparent relationship with your aesthetic doctor. They should understand and take great care and skill to give you that natural look you want with the correct medical advice. Aesthetic treatments, in small doses and small stages, have the best result, as it gives your face and body time to adjust and take on the desired look and form you want. Your face and body is your temple. Trusting your aesthetics doctor, who has your best interest at heart and understands facial anatomy, is key. Lastly, I would recommend avoiding beauticians who will most likely be untrained in facial anatomy and aesthetic treatments.

You want someone who actually cares about your wellbeing, not someone who wants quick money. But aesthetic doctors have studied and trained for a long time to give good results. That’s why they charge what they charge.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Mr Fabulous. You really are looking fabulous so it’s great to hear you’re feeling it too.

If you want to feel just as fabulous as Jay, and are on the look out for a practitioner who can do fillers, chemical peels, anti-wrinkle injections and more, check out practitioners near you on Glowday. We only list medically qualified practitioners and have hundreds to choose from - so you’ll be in safe hands.

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