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Wrinkle Relaxing For Men!

We love sharing stories that smash through the stereotypes of people who have 'those kinds' of treatments. This is Mike, who is 48 from Devon. He first thought anti-wrinkle treatments for men wasn't really a thing. He was kind enough to share his anti-wrinkle treatment experience... which quickly escalated!

Mike's Botox experience

“It all started in lockdown and seeing myself on Zoom every day. I put on some weight, then I lost it all and it aged me. Staring back at myself every day, all day, I could see I was looking tired and older. I wanted to do something about it, yet was initially put off because the industry is so female-focussed and, of course, there is a stigma attached. There are so many negative connotations, I was anxious about it. I was also worried about looking ridiculous and fake, as that is all we tend to see in the media. Now I realise it’s not the treatments that are the problem, it’s the fact that the UK allows anyone to give them – irrespective of whether they’re actually medically qualified or adequately trained!

Mike felt the lines, the 'elevens', between his eyebrows made him look more tired than he felt!

Life after wrinkle relaxing injections

I have now completely changed my attitude towards these treatments after seeing Anna Lee at Exthetics, and the difference she has made. I feel so good. Before, I looked tired all the time and the two lines between my eyes made me look either constantly mildly irritated or confused! Anna used some Botox to relax my forehead lines and smooth out those deep 11s. I don’t actually think anybody would notice I’ve had anything done, but I do, and I feel much better about myself and definitely more confident! For me, it’s not about being vain or wanting to look different, the results are so subtle. And as for the stigma? Well, I just view it as taking care of myself and looking after me, in the same way I do regarding what I eat or going to the dentist. Sure, it’s not quite as breezy as getting my hair cut, but it’s the same outcome; to make myself look and feel better. I wish I’d done it sooner to be honest, treatments for men are great!

Mike had his treatments with Anna Lee at Exthetics. If you're thinking about having treatments for the prevention of lines and wrinkles, you should always have a consultation with a medical professional first.

The results I’ve had have given me the confidence to do more as I feel so good! It’s so important that people go to a clinic that is medically qualified and puts the patient’s wellbeing before their own. Anna will not hesitate in saying ‘no’ to treatments when she could just take my money and give me anything. She’s a professional and ethical practitioner. I hope more men embrace these treatments and realise they’re for them too – women are on to a good thing here!”

Mike before and after his treatment. A subtle but refreshed result that he's delighted with.

And it didn't stop there...

Since we spoke to Mike, he's gone on to have more treatments! He was so happy with the results from the antiwrinkle treatment, he trusted Anna to try some filler in his chin and jawline. Just check out this before and after! What a profile!

If, like Mike, you're interested in a consultation for the treatment of lines and wrinkles, check out the hundreds of medically qualified aesthetic practitioners listed on Glowday. A consultation should always take place before any treatment goes ahead. Glowday is not a clinic and does not provide treatments. Every clinic who is listed on Glowday is medically qualified, insured and verified.

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