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Is J-Lo's Lack of Wrinkles Really Down to Olive Oil?!

Fifty one and looking amazing, but is J-Lo’s lack of wrinkles really down to olive oil?! Or is she trying to pull the wool over our eyes like so many other celebs who refuse to be honest about their cosmetic treatments.

Last week, while discussing her new skincare brand, global superstar Jennifer Lopez claimed she’s never had Botox (saying she’s “not that person!”) and, instead, puts her wrinkle-free skin down to olive oil. That’s right - the condiment in everyone’s kitchen. So, has she or hasn’t she? And should we all be cancelling our anti-wrinkle appointments and heading out to the supermarket to stock up on olive oil like it’s the new toilet roll?

What exactly did J-Lo claim?

In a recent interview, the starlet said, “I haven’t had Botox to this day.” While talking about a trip to see a doctor at the age of 23 with an ex, she explained how the doctor tried to convince her, but how she refused. “I just wonder what would’ve happened to me if I would’ve started Botox at 23, what I would’ve looked like right now. My face would be totally different today.”

What do you think? Is it the olive oil, or is it the botulinum toxin effect? For me, it’s a little hard to believe that Jennifer Lopez hasn’t had any sort of anti-wrinkle injections. I mean, it may well be the case that she hasn’t had Botox specifically… but there are plenty of other toxin brands out there and all essentially do the same thing as each other.

But olive oil?! Come on!

Does olive oil a day keep the wrinkles at bay?

While olive oil does contain antioxidants, which some people claim helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it won’t ever have the same effect as an anti-wrinkle injection - and as far as I can see, J-Lo hasn’t aged since 1998. That’d have to be some superhero-level olive oil.

Botulinum toxin, on the other hand (which is the real name of the substance used in anti-wrinkle injections), is a powerful cosmetic treatment when it comes to smoothing foreheads, crow’s feet, frown lines and more! It’s used in small doses and temporarily relaxes muscles for around three to four months (and even longer depending on how quickly your body metabolises it). It’s a great treatment - but it’s still - for some crazy reason - shrouded in stigma.

Whatever - she looks great!

Does it matter whether J-Lo has had anti-wrinkle injections or not? No, of course not. Everyone is free to have - or not have - any treatments they wish. And she looks gorgeous! The problem here is that Jennifer Lopez is a celeb with a huge global audience. By denying she gets aesthetic treatments when she (very clearly) appears to, she’s adding to the stigma that surrounds them. If more people were open about what they’d had, people wouldn’t feel shamed into lying about the fact that they regularly get injectable treatments or whatever else makes them look and feel better. After all, what’s the difference between getting anti-wrinkle injections and dying your hair, or getting fillers and having your teeth whitened? It’s all done for the same reasons, right? We do them to help us feel and look good.

The second issue is that J-Lo is now selling skincare products. So by claiming that certain ingredients will make you look just as good as she does when her appearance can also be put down to excellent, subtle cosmetic treatments, she’s miss-selling her products. Yes, skincare is a great step in the right direction if you want fabulous skin, but, as most aesthetic practitioners will attest to, it will only do so much. Whether you choose to go down the anti-wrinkle injection route is completely up to you but, at the age of 51, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be showing absolutely no signs of ageing like J-Lo. And as I always say, there’s no celebrity gene, so...!

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