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The J.Lo Glow: Looking Fab Age 50

When I was a kid, 50 was frumpy. Your ordinary quinquagenarian (yes, that is a real word, thank you) woman wore ‘old lady’ clothes and wasn’t given a second look. They were just, well, old. Fast forward to 2020 and women in their 50s are not just fab, but are quite often looking better than they did when they were in their early 30s. So, how does that work? Doesn’t that go against everything we learnt in biology? We don’t have to look far to see the inspiration for so many of us either. Think J.Lo, Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani. All 50, and all looking flipping amazing. But how? What exactly is their secret? And how do you get that J.Glow (sorry; couldn’t resist)?

What's J.Lo's secret to looking good age 50?

Jennifer Lopez, AKA J.Lo, AKA Jenny From The Block, has been on our screens (and in our ears) since the early 90s, so how is it that she looks better now than ever? Her skin looks fresh, her cheekbones are incredible and her abs are super-toned. The woman looks amazing. I mean, you saw her at the SuperBowl, right?

And it’s not just J.Lo either. What about Jennifer Aniston? Jowls? Nope! Sagging skin? Not an inch! Her jawline is just as taut as ever and her smooth skin is gorgeous. At 50, she doesn’t look a million miles off how she looked 20 years ago. Same goes for Gwen Stefani. What can I say? She’s flawless. Not a frown line or crow’s foot in sight.

The key to looking good at 50?

While the three celebs above look amazing at 50, the great thing for us mere mortals is that, in reality, there is no such thing as the celebrity gene. Sure, they are naturally beautiful and always have been - and they are all very active too (I’d need to have a lie down after the first two minutes of one of J.Lo’s dance routines). But, while I can’t claim to know what they’ve had done (though I can take a pretty good guess), it’s seriously unlikely that they could look as great as they do at 50 without the help of a few subtle but effective aesthetic treatments.

While some celebs go the whole hog and take the surgical route, many are now opting for tweakments, such as fillers, Botox and Profhilo to enhance their natural beauty. Not changing features - just boosting what they already have. And these treatments are amazing for doing just that - giving skin a natural-looking, rejuvenated glow. And it’s not just injectables either. A great skincare routine and frequent skin treatments, such as microneedling and chemical peels - not to mention fat reduction and body contouring treatments - all help.

Of course, the vast majority of celebrities don’t talk openly about treatments they’ve had, often fooling the rest of us into thinking they’re just blessed with never-ageing skin. But the fact that the aesthetics industry is now so much more accessible to the rest of us means we can all look our best, regardless of our age. No more frumpy. No longer forgotten. Whether that’s your mum, your sister or your next door neighbour, we can all get in on the action and get the glowing skin we dream of.

I’m certainly not suggesting we all need to look like J.Lo at the age of 50, but it’s good to know that we no longer have to look drab and dreary if we don’t want to. We can all look fab at any age. So, move on over 30 and 40, because 50 is here - and it is bloody fantastic.

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