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No More Razors, No More Stubble: My Laser Hair Removal Experience

I spoke to 37 year old Kristine about her first session in her laser hair removal journey to see how she got on and what the results have been like so far...

I must admit, laser hair removal has always been a treatment that has appealed to me. The idea of not having to shave or wax on those days when you just can’t be bothered, or, you know, when you stupidly shaved the day before a big event and now you’re getting that teeny bit of regrowth already! Ugh! Well, I spoke to Kristine Young - a 37 year old from Worcester, who has just set off on her laser hair removal journey. She explained the why, the how and the whether-or-not-it-hurt!

Hi Kristine! Exciting news about your recent laser hair removal treatment. What made you decide to get this treatment?

When you are someone like me - light skin and dark hair - re-growing hairs are an issue because they become very visible, very quickly. So I had to shave frequently, but the issue with this is the discomfort you get, i.e. skin irritations and ingrowing hairs - plus the time you actually have to spend shaving. The other option or solution was to hide my legs under long trousers, even on a hot, sunny summer’s day.

I tried waxing but not only is it expensive, it’s painful and the results are minimal. It may take a bit longer for hairs to re-grow, as opposed to shaving, but you also get a lot of ingrown hairs, which means angry, red lumps (so much for smooth skin) and it doesn’t really reduce the overall re-growth. Then there’s the hairy in-between stage as the hair's got to grow long enough to wax again. Not worth it! So, for me, laser hair treatment seemed like the only solution to my ongoing problem.

My sister-in-law had a hair removal treatment done years ago, and the results were amazing. That gave me even more confidence to get it done. It’s an expensive treatment, but knowing that once the treatment is done I will not need to shave again was all the motivation I needed to start saving. I paid for a bundle of 6 treatments at once, as that came at a discounted rate. Some people treat themselves with regular manicure appointments; some will spend £100 at hairdressers, or even on a night out. For me a permanent hair removal is not only a treat but a worthwhile investment. The time I will save by not having to shave again is priceless.

Sounds like a great investment! Which areas did you treat? And how many treatments will you need?

I decided that I wanted to treat my legs, lower arm, underarms and bikini line. I have thick, dark hair and pale skin - which, apparently, makes me a good candidate for the treatment - so I thought I’d cover the areas that I need to shave on a regular basis. I had a thorough consultation beforehand and my practitioner told me that I’d probably need about 6 sessions - 1 every 6 weeks or so - based on my skin type, but this varies from person to person. This is because hair grows in different stages, so you need to zap them when they’re in the active growth stage. I had a choice of booking individual sessions or buying a course of sessions at a discounted rate. I took all six because it’s cheaper and that’s the minimum I’d need to get the results I wanted.

I can say that after just one treatment, I noticed a difference, which was amazing. Hairs did re-grow, but a lot of them kept falling out, so the actual re-growth was getting more and more minimal after each treatment.

What did the treatment feel like? Does laser hair removal hurt?

I’m not going to lie - it did hurt - but it’s not unbearable, and it really depends on the individual. I’ve never had a tattoo, but I’ve spoken to a few people who have compared laser hair removal to the sensation of getting one. Having said that, once you’ve finished the treatment, the pain is over. And the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.

The most painful bit was the bikini line as this is a sensitive area, closely followed by the armpits. Then I’d say the upper leg - but the lower leg and arms weren’t bad. I had a bit of bruising and my skin was a bit sensitive for a few days, but then I do have quite sensitive skin, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise for me.

So, at this stage in your laser hair removal journey, would you recommend the treatment to others?

One hundred percent! If you are thinking about getting it done, I can only recommend. It’s the best investment I’ve made. Knowing that once the treatment is done I will not need to shave again seemed life-changing. It may sound a bit dramatic but it’s true. No more angry razors, no more wasting time shaving, especially when on holiday. No more ingrown hairs, or the annoying re-growth stages and hiding your legs under long trousers on a hot summers day. It’s truly revolutionary.

Sounds great to me! Really pleased to hear you've had such a positive experience, Kristine. Thanks for sharing your story.

If you want to zap unwanted hairs goodbye, check out our laser hair treatment guide to find out more. You can also search hundreds of medically qualified aesthetic practitioners offering this treatment.

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