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Practitioner Spotlight: Marie Fuller

We were thrilled the Marie Fuller from ElysiPhi Aesthetics agreed to get involved in our Practitioner Spotlight series. Read more to find out about her interesting journey into aesthetic medicine and how her previous roles have helped shaped her business and approach to aesthetics.

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions, start off by telling us a little about your journey into aesthetics?

I have always found the Aesthetics industry intriguing. As a Student Nurse 22 Years ago, I observed my first injectable treatment in a clinic in Southampton. At that time, I had just joined the British Army and was promised I could travel the of course, I parked the idea of Aesthetics. Until three years ago, when I was introduced to the Harley Academy team and I haven't looked back since. My clinical skills and experiences have been incredibly useful when building my business and deciding which direction I want my treatment pathways to take. I have worked in Plastic Surgery, General Practice and most recently (most loved military role) Sexual Reproductive Health. All of these areas have helped shape me into the Aesthetic Nurse that I am today.

That unusual route is what prompted me to get in contact after reading your Glowday bios. It’s definitely a unique journey!

We are part way through the pandemic. Hopefully, we will be returning to 'normal' soon. Are there any changes you have made to your business that you will maintain once lockdown is lifted?

I don't believe that there is really a 'normal' in aesthetics, as it is constantly refreshing and evolving. This is what drew me in to the speciality in the first instance. The recent pandemic has driven some drastic changes and innovations, which has benefited the delivery of medicine across the health services. ElysiPhi has moved towards automation in some areas, particularly where payments and appointment bookings are concerned. This is something I have been meaning to do for a while, but recent events gave me the push that I needed! As a busy, full-time working mum who owns and runs a business - time is precious and these simple upgrades are priceless. Another change for me during lockdown was to introduce online/remote consultations. This has been a great way to stay connected to my patients and offer bespoke skin care advice during this period of homestay. I will be continuing to offer this service as I find it particularly useful for patients who travel long distances to clinic.

It's been interesting to observe the adoption of technologies by some clinics. It shows how agile and flexible the industry really is. When clinics open, they will not operate as they previously did, as social distancing protocols will need to be adhered to. What changes do you anticipate having to make to the day-to-day running of your clinic?

Being a Sole Practitioner, I am fortunate that I can control my own schedule and ensure adherence to protocols. I will allocate extra time to appointments to ensure social distancing and Infection Prevention Control measures are adhered to at the highest level. As a Nurse, Patient Safety has always been imperative, and I believe in maintaining high standards at all times. As yet, there has been no clear guidance on when or how we can return back to delivering Medical Aesthetics. I eagerly await this. Whilst also keeping my fingers crossed for some positive changes at a governmental level. Maybe this is the time to be regulating the industry to make it safer for our patients?

(It has since been released that July 4th is a provisional date for clinics to re-open and this article summarises post-lockdown protocols)

We can but hope they will regulate!?! Sadly, I imagine they will be busy dealing the COVID and Brexit for the foreseeable. It feels like we have been in lockdown for an age. What have you missed most during this time?

Lockdown is frustrating, I admit, but so essential at this time. I try not to dwell on what I cannot control. I am used to spending long periods away from home and my loved ones. It's tough going, but it will come to an end soon, we just need to stay focused and positive. I suppose what I miss the most is the freedom to jump in the car and go for an adventure or popping in to see my parents...I also miss walking my dog on the beach. *who am I kidding...I also miss the children going to school. Home schooling isn't good for my stress levels or Gin store :-)

I agree…I have never looked forward to half terms as much as during home schooling! Identifying the positives in the situation has been a real theme in all the Practitioner Spotlights we have published throughout the pandemic. What are you most looking forward to, professionally and otherwise, once this has passed?

I officially retire from the Service role later this year, so I am personally looking forward to spending lots of quality time with my husband, my two children and our pooch. As well as opening up full time, I have a number of new treatments additions planned for my menu at ElysiPhi. I will also be focusing on new ways to support women's health and well-being. So watch this space! This summer I will have my head in the books as I finally sit my Level 7 exams in Aesthetics this September - eeek!! After all that, The Fullers will definitely deserve a holiday.

Ahhh, GOOD LUCK!It seems like you have a lot on, but are feeling positive overall?

I am really excited! I truly believe once we have undergone a period of readjustment post-lockdown, aesthetic clinics will bounce back. It is such a vibrant and innovative speciality which offers much more than a beauty treatment. My patients come to me for all sorts of reasons but ultimately; I empower, I promote confidence and I educate. By maintaining my company core values and supporting my lovely patients, I know we will be just fine.

There appears to be pent up demand.Clients have missed their practitioners and vice versa. Many have used e-consults to get their skincare sorted. What is your own skin care routine?

You are so right, what an ideal time to shake up your skin care routine?! At ElysiPhi I promote Skin Health First - Always!

My routine is pretty strict (I am 40 now), even when I'm on the road I carry an abundance of medical grade products from AlumierMD. I have slightly dry skin and have suffered from pigmentation problems in the past.My routine consists of: cleanse, exfoliate, essential serums such as Everactive C,E & peptides, Micronised Retinol and the all-important SPF. I support all of this lot with monthly microneedling and/or chemical peels. I also keep well hydrated, try to make smart food choices and take regular exercise. All of these measures work for me.

We hear a lot of great things about the AlumierMD products and support they provide as a company.I think I know what the answer to this next one is…but if you could only recommend one skincare product, what would it be and why?

SPF - Always - All year round - Forever! I love a tinted SPF, like Sheer Hydration SPF 40, that way I don't need a foundation. It's a win, win!

Prevention is better than cure, right?

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