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Practitioner Spotlight: The Aesthetics Medics

The Aesthetics Medics, known individually as Dr Emmily and Dr Emily, are a dynamic duo of medically qualified aesthetic practitioners. They kindly agreed to take some time out, recently, to talk to me about all things aesthetics, including their thoughts on prejuvenation, and their key tips for gorgeous summer skin.

How did the Aesthetics Medics clinic come about?

Dr Emily: Emmily and I met when we were at medical school and we both really enjoyed learning about dermatology and aesthetics along the way. It was one of our main passions and interests, so, when the opportunity came up to work together, we jumped at the chance.

Dr Emmily: Initially, we knew we both wanted a career in dermatology, whether it was from a GP background or a more aesthetics-based one, so we did our training and learnt what it really means to be an aesthetic practitioner.

Dr Emily: Going into the training alongside other medical professionals, it was interesting to us that the majority of people on the course wouldn’t actually go on to work in the aesthetics industry. But we knew from the outset that we wanted to set up our own business and we had the motivation to do it.

Dr Emmily: A lot of young medical professionals burn out and I think that having a break from the NHS - as much as we love it - is actually a really good thing for us. We have a real passion for aesthetics outside of the NHS and this allows us to address that balance. It doesn't feel like work as we enjoy it so much.

Working together gives us extra confidence, as we have two pairs of eyes and two brains - we can bounce ideas off each other. Whereas, when you’re working on your own, it can be quite isolating.

What’s your stance on collagen banking?

Dr Emmily: For us, it’s important to look at it from a medical stance. We're always looking at the research and evidence around collagen banking, and whether it's beneficial or not. And I think it is more beneficial to start it in your mid to late 20s. It's about being realistic about what you can do and how you will actually look. That's where prejuvenation and collagen boosting can really help prepare you for the future.

Dr Emily: A lot of people come to us later in life and expect to see dramatic results after a treatment and imagine that they’ll look as they did in their 20s and 30s. If we can help people prevent certain signs of ageing sooner, it will mean they will look great and have much more realistic expectations about what they can achieve.

Dr Emmily: But when much younger people come to see us, we explain that we appreciate they may want a specific treatment right now but we recommend good skincare regimen, SPF and cosmeceuticals before going down the fillers and Botox route.

What treatment could you not live without?

Dr Emily: I raise my eyebrows a lot when I'm talking, so I get anti-wrinkle injections to minimise my forehead lines. I also found that I was grinding my teeth a lot at night, which was strengthening my masseter muscles and making my face look quite square. I've since had those muscles injected with Botox and I've noticed two significant things: I don't grind my teeth ,and it's reduced the square appearance of my face. It’s a quick and simple treatment and, for me, the effects tend to last up to 6 months, though this obviously varies from person to person.

Dr Emmily: At this moment in time, the treatment I couldn’t live without is the brow lift. I genetically have small eyes and my eyelids droop over a bit. So I tried the brow lift and it's made such a difference, opening my eyes up. I was also really conscious that when I was smiling you could see my gums, so I tried Botox to reduce this and saw an instant result. It's made such a difference to my smile. It's great that there are so many other uses for Botox and fillers that we don't necessarily think about.

Dr Emily: Yes, another amazing use is Botox for hyperhidrosis. I've met people who had to take three or four tops to change into at work as they were sweating so much. But Botox for hyperhidrosis has really helped them minimise excess sweating. It’s great for building confidence.

What’s the secret to great summer skin?

Dr Emily: It really comes down to the individual, but people often don't like wearing makeup in summer. Cheek fillers are great for giving a fresh look without the need for makeup. They’re also great for softening nasolabial lines by lifting the upper part of the face.

Dr Emmily: I'm getting married in September, so I've really started thinking a lot about how my skin will look on the big day. Dermaplaning is great for removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells on the surface, and hyaluronic acid masks are great for hydrating the skin. Using a good SPF of 30-50 in summer is really important for looking after your skin.

There’s still some negativity surrounding the aesthetics industry. What will it take for perceptions to change?

Dr Emily: I think that the more medical professionals educate people and explain that it’s not just about the plastic look, but about enhancing what you have and making you look natural, the less negativity there will be. I think the fact that Glowday only lists medically qualified practitioners will also help with that.

Dr Emmily: As medical professionals, we’re bound by our ethics and the best interest of a patient, so pushing that aspect of it will hopefully change how people feel about aesthetics - but it will be a slow process. I remember when I first spoke to my mum about moving into aesthetics and her reaction was, "Oh no! Don't do that!". I had to explain to her that actually it's not what you think. It's not what you see on TV and in the newspapers - all the things that have gone wrong. Instead, it's all about natural enhancements.

Dr Emily: We’re really strict about doing thorough consultations to check for any mental health issues, or to see if a client has had treatments recently and doesn't really require further treatment at this point. It's all about educating and making sure people are aware of the risks as well as the benefits.

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