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Russian Lips - be careful, doll.

The ultimate guide to Russian lip filler.

Russian lips are big business, women are asking injectors for this lip style up and down the UK. But what exactly are they and should you be asking for them too?

What Are Russian Lips?

Russian lips are lips which are heart shaped with most of the volume being focused in the centre with a defined cupid’s bow much like you see on the nesting Russian dolls, hence the name! They are much flatter than a natural lip, with lots of height.

Book your lip filler on Glowday right here, appointments are available today but we can't promise you'll look like a Russian doll, which is probably a good thing.

How do you make a Russian lip?

They’re done a little differently than traditional lip filler. The practitioner will inject the lip filler vertically from the base of the lip, drawing the filler upwards and outwards, toward the border of the lip. Usually lip filler would start from the lip border and work inwards, but with Russian lips, the injector works from the inside out.

Perhaps there's a reason why Russian lips belong on dolls rather than people?

Who should I see for Russian lip fillers?

Firstly it's worth really considering if you want to use a template and follow a trend for your lips, do you really want Russian lips, or do you just want your own lips rejuvenated? If you're determined to go Russian, then consider who you see. It’s worth listening to this BBC radio show here (22 minutes in) where they spoke to Joanne, who had her lips filled by a beautician, with grave consequences. In the show, the brilliant Dr M J Rowland explains how in untrained and unskilled hands, any lip filler is risky and how she had to help Joanne following the experience. We do not advocate anyone choosing a beautician or non-medic to have their lips filled, you should always choose a medically-qualified practitioner who you can find and book right here on Glowday.

Why shouldn't I see a beautician for lip fillers?

There will be some beauticians who are actually rather well skilled at the art of lip fillers and know the anatomy of a lip, there will be others who finished a one day training session at LUSH LIPS FOREVER HUNS last weekend and won't know the difference between an artery and a vein. Are you happy about that? How will you know? You won't, so don't risk it. See a qualified, trained and accountable practitioner. More worryingly, however, is that if something does go wrong and you need the lip filler dissolved, the product used to dissolve lip filler - Hyaluronidase - is a prescription only product. You need a prescriber present there to administer it to you. It's almost guaranteed your local beautician isn't a prescriber - or that a prescriber is on-hand. 90% of lip filler complications that medics see come from beauticians or lay practitioners, who are very unlikely to help you if something goes wrong.

Be careful who you see if this Russian doll look is what you really really really want.

Are Russian lips more risky?

While any lip filler carried out by inadequately qualified people is risky, Russian lips in particular could put your health at risk, as the injection site is situated close to superior labial arteries that form a network around the upper lip. This network contains many branches that contribute to the blood supply for the upper lip, mucosal, and nose. One wrong move and you could experience vascular occlusion which could result in permanent disfiguration. Bleak, but true.

Why would I want a Russian lip?

Why does anyone want anything that’s trend led? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. Dr Steve Land wrote this great piece for Glowday on lip filler trends, what they are and why people choose them. You'll struggle to find a practitioner on Glowday who will succumb to trends. They’re more the domain of the beauticians and less experienced people, rather than medically qualified aesthetic practitioners. The clinics that Glowday partners with tend to prefer subtle and natural lip filler enhancements, which don’t leave you looking like your lips have been stuck on by someone else. While they'll be happy with some augmentation, it will be reasonable and in proportion with the rest of your face!

Glowday is fan of soft, subtle, refreshed and natural lip fillers, like this beautiful pair here from Charine Patel at Bisou Clinic

What shape lip should I ask for?

Yours. The best lip filler is one that subtly enhances what you already have. You don't want sausage lips, you don't want duck lips and you don't want oversized lips with a funny shape. You just want your lips, plumped and refreshed. Yes, there may be some symmetry work and there's nothing wrong with going bigger - but it should be within reason and so that your face looks balanced. If you don't want to look fake, you just want the perfect pair of lips to kiss, wear lipstick, smile and eat then Glowday is the place for you to book.

If you're in London why not see who is currently top of the charts for lip fillers and have a peek at some of their work! Pucker up!

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