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Should You Trust Your Dentist To Sort Your Crow's Feet?

Dentists offering injectables? Pardon? What the dickens is that all about! Surely dentists should just do fillings and root canal, not fix crows feet and eye bags?

Dentists. They're great. Find yours on Glowday.

Many people are surprised, curious and confused that dentists offer non-surgical aesthetic treatments. They think it's a bit weird. That's not what dentists do! These same people are less confused about beauticians offering Botox and filler and, truth be told, are more likely to agree to a bit of lip filler while in the beauty chair than the dentist's, which is, quite frankly, bonkers! Let us help you understand why dentists are, probably, one of the best people to see for your Botox and fillers!

Why Do Dentists Offer Injectables?

This is actually the wrong question to ask and the right one would be, why do beauticians offer injectables?! Dentists are by far one of the most highly-qualified and medically trained professions and if you feel more comfortable with someone without any medical background injecting your face, rather than a dentist, then you should have a long, hard think about that!

Not my mouth! I said put it in my head, my head!

Why Are Dentists Able To Offer Cosmetic Treatments?

Well, aside from the fact that it is legal for ANYONE to offer aesthetic treatments, dentists are able to provide these treatments a) because they can and b) because they are VERY GOOD at it.

Why Are Dentists good at Facial Aesthetics?

Dentistry and aesthetics go hand in hand. A dentist's training is heavily based on anatomy of the head and neck. Nobody knows what's underneath the skin of a human's face more than a dentist. It makes sense right? They have to learn about your mouth, all of the things inside your mouth, and how your mouth connects to the rest of your head and neck. On top of that, they're obviously very used to being close to people and administering injections. Dentists will spend their whole training and career having to use dental injections, repeatedly, and accurately.

Do they just do injectables?

No. Most dentists who offer injectables will have also trained in all aspects of aesthetics and for many the two disciplines have morphed so they can offer their patients a 360 degree service. For example, Dr MJ is the founder of Smileworks and is its lead dentist and aesthetician. Dr MJ has some of the highest accolades that it’s possible to achieve in the field, a key opinion leader and trainer for Sinclair Pharma (a global aesthetics company) and she also trains practitioners in advanced techniques such as non-surgical rhinoplasty. Dr MJ is also hugely knowledgeable and passionate about skincare - don't get her started on people not using SPF!

Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann, a dentist who flies the flag for aesthetic treatments and someone who is passionate about skincare and keeping women safe in the hands of medics.

Why do Dentists enjoy aesthetics?

It's a marriage made in heaven. Dr Anna Davies, from Wellwood Dentistry and Aesthetics says: "I'm really interested in the creative side of dentistry and I feel that facial aesthetics is another string to the same bow. When I started training I just completely got the bug and felt that I didn’t just want to study botulinum toxin and fillers - I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could. Aesthetics is a genuine passion; something I’m really interested in. Now I spend 50% of my time doing aesthetics and 50% of my time doing orthodontics and dentistry treatments The most rewarding treatments are the ones that are a bit more complicated. The ones that are potentially changing someone’s profile, such as treating a high lip line or gummy smile, straightening out a nose or adding volume to a chin or jawline. Those are the ones that can be a huge deal to people, and the ones that I get the most enjoyment from."

Why do dentists choose aesthetic medicine?

Obviously for many they see its potential as a revenue stream, but as is the case with many medics who chose to go into aesthetics, the reason is far more human and bigger. Dr Natasha Verma from Skin NV is one such dentist who considers aesthetics her 'calling'.

Dr Natasha explains: "While working in a hospital, there was one patient in particular who opened up my eyes to aesthetic medicine. I remember everything about her: she was exceptionally stunning, really beautiful and successful, but she had been walking home from work one day and was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend at the age of just 32. She suffered a lot of facial injuries and had multiple surgeries to rectify or manage those injuries, but as a result of that, she had a lot of scars on her face. I was there for a lot of the surgeries, including the final scar repair surgery. In this particular one, I was taking her consent and, basically, had to ask her the question, “Are you happy to move forward with the procedure given all of the information I’ve provided you with?” She sat there and she replied, “Well it’s not as if I have a choice.”

I couldn’t understand this for a while, but then I realised that what she meant was if she didn’t have the surgery, the scars would still be there to remind her of what happened. I really felt for her and her story stayed with me. While working in dental practice, I started doing a bit more research into aesthetic medicine, skin rejuvenation, and other non-surgical options, and that’s how I fell into aesthetic medicine. I owe my career to that particular patient. It was her that made me realise that, ultimately, there’s a much bigger calling for me."

Dr Natasha, a dentist with a big heart who considers aesthetics to be her 'calling' and helps make patients feel like themselves again.

So, I should trust my dentist with cosmetic treatments?

Yes. That's why we allow dentists to list on Glowday. Their expertise is unquestionable and their training means you're always going to be in safe hands. They're going to be very careful with your face and know how to deal with any complications. But the same message applies to dentists as it does for nurses, doctors and pharmacists - all of whom we allow to list on Glowday - always have a consultation before any treatment and check out their reviews and before and after photos if you can.

If you're looking for a safe pair of hands for your face, why not see who we have on Glowday near you. Simply search here to choose from hundreds of medically-qualified practitioners.

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