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What's so WOW About the WOW Facial?

As I'm getting older my face has definitely lost that youthful freshness. Perhaps it's because I'm more tired than ever, it's definitely because I'm ageing, and even though I'm pretty good with my skincare regime now (thanks to working with Glowday and being educated that wipes are EVIL!) my skin needs more help. I guess I'm like an old car, I need more maintenance than a new one! I now need the best facial in the UK.

Find a clinic near you right here where you can book in for a WOW facial, or any other amazing treatments that they offer!

And this could be it. I might just pass my MOT if I have one of these. The WOW facial is a new facial in the aesthetics world that promises to give us all the amazing benefits of a standard facial - and more. It’s tailored to your specific needs AND its effects last loads longer!

What is the WOW Facial?

So, you hear facial and you think ‘lovely 30 mins of pampering’, right? Well, the WOW Facial is a huge step up from your average facial - which I’m not knocking at all - I love a facial as much as the next gal. But this one is like a facial on steroids. Why? The WOW Facial lasts over an hour and comprises 6 different stages. Best of all it’s completely tailored to your skin needs. So, if your main skin concern is acne - no problem. Likewise, if your concern is ageing skin - it’ll help with that too. Whatever your skin need, it pretty much has you covered. Your practitioner will assess your skin in a thorough consultation before the treatment to make sure you get the very best out of it.

What are the different stages of the WOW Facial?

Ok, so you have your consultation to determine what’s going to make your skin glow, but what are the six amazing steps you’ll take to dreamy skin?

1. Cleanse

2. Peel

3. WOW Fusion

4. LED Therapy

5. Mask

6. Finish and Protect

What’s amazing about this treatment is that you’ll be treated to a customisable plan that includes some pretty awesome stages. Effectively, you’ll be having multiple treatments in one!

First up, as you’d probably expect, you’ll have a great cleanse and your skin will be prepped for the treatments to come.

Then, you’ll receive a light peel and/or a bit of dermaplaning. This will help you slough off any dead skin and uncover a beautiful, healthier glow.

Next step is the WOW Fusion, which is also a standalone treatment in itself. The WOW Fusion is a microneedling treatment, where a mini microneedling device is used and a bespoke solution - a cocktail, if you will - is mixed to suit your skin needs. Filled with tonnes of lovely hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and peptides, this mixture is penetrated into the skin to stimulate collagen production and hydration. And, as the needles are so tiny, you won’t have the level of redness you get with a standard microneedling treatment, so you’re not restricted to staying home and hiding your face in a paper bag mask.

Step four is LED therapy. Now, sometimes when I chat about LED therapy with my friends, they look at me like I’m talking about something from a sci-fi film. I’m not; it’s not my genre. But LED therapy is just so cool. There are different professional strength lights for different skin ‘issues’: red is generally used for anti-ageing purposes - reducing lines and wrinkles, and boosting collagen; blue is used on acne-prone skin; green is used to treat hyperpigmentation, brown spots, freckles and age spots. So, there really is something for everyone! Yes, you have to wear one of those creepy white masks for a bit, but the results will be worth it.

Up next is another mask. But this time it’s more similar to the ones you probably more used to using at home. Except it’s packed full of gorgeous collagen, hyaluronic acid and more, to give you super soft, hydrated, healthy-looking skin. Plus, there’s nothing quite like popping a mask on to make you feel relaxed, is there?

And then - hold on, we’re almost done - it’s the finish and protect stage (AKA the final stop in your WOW Facial!). This is where, based on your skin concerns, your practitioner will treat your skin to some lovely serums and creams, completely tailored to you, obviously. Then, a touch of SPF and you’re free to go and gaze lovingly in the mirror at your BEAUTIFUL new skin.

How often should I have a WOW Facial?

WOW Facial results last around 3 months. Yes! So you’ll have a gorgeous glow for waaaaaay longer than you would with your average facial. And, not only will your skin look incredible right after your treatment, but you’ll continue to see great results for the coming weeks. It’s the gift to yourself that keeps on giving! I'm booking in, stat!

If you want this glow, check out the amazing clinics in your area offering WOW Facial, I might be old and rusty under the bonnet, but I can myself a good polish at least!

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