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Abby Clancy: "I swear I haven’t had my lips done!"

Abby Clancy has unveiled a 'new look' on Instagram this week. I assumed she was referring to her lips until I noticed the spectacle frame brand tagged into the post. Oh!

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Abby's lips were the first thing I noticed, although the specs are fab too! The pressure has been on Abby for ten years to 'admit' she has had lip fillers. In 2011 Abby took to Twitter to defend herself and to deny rumours of plumping up her lips artificially, stating:

“I swear I haven’t had my lips done!!!!”

As a model she is constantly scrutinised on her appearance, and I'm not sure she'll now be able to convince the public that her lips are 100% natural. While her lips are a little on the plumped side for my liking, Abby clearly loves her look and feels more confident for it. So all power to her.

Abby's lips a few years back.

Not all lips are big!

One of the biggest fears from women who want lip fillers is that they will look too obvious, too 'done' and they don't want to end up with a trout pout.

While many celebrities and younger women choose very full lips, most ordinary women prefer a natural and subtle enhancement, something our Glowday practitioners specialise in! In fact, if you're after an 'Abby', you may be hard-pressed to find a clinic on Glowday who is willing to add that many mls of filler to your lips.

In general, 0.5ml to 1 ml of filler is often plenty enough for your first treatment, giving you a natural look. If you then decide you want to go bigger, speak to your practitioner, who will advise you on the safest, most appropriate amount to give you that natural-looking pout. Don’t become a caricature of yourself. Less is definitely more - at least for the first appointment.

A subtle and natural lip filler before and after from Cat Sullivan at Cat Sullivan Aesthetics

The treatments Abby does discuss!

While Abby may feel shy about her lips, she's more forthcoming about her love of the Aquagold facial, a favourite of Kim Kardashian’s and known as Baby Botox.

She said: “After giving birth and having so many hormones in my body my skin was really dull, full of pigmentation and just felt tired. The results are amazing.”

Aquagold is a micro-infusion & microchannelling device that allows practitioners to address multiple skin concerns in one go! They are able to tailor each treatment session to create a multi-approach skin rejuvenation treatment plan, all while improving skin health for longer lasting, natural results.

Indeed, Aquagold - AKA the Botox facial -is a new treatment option that Doctor Natasha Verma has recently introduced in her clinic. Here she tells us why she's such a fan!

Abby doesn't just wear gold, she injects it in her face too!

If you're looking for new lips or fancy facial, why not see who we've got in your area offering these amazing treatments! Just click here, pop in your town, and choose from hundreds of incredible clinics.

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