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Getting Intimate with Vaginal Rejuvenation

Speaking about intimate issues like laxity, leaks and dryness can still feel a bit embarrassing for a lot of women - but it shouldn’t have to be. Especially when there are non-surgical treatments out there that can help overcome these problems and help you regain lost confidence. One such treatment is vaginal rejuvenation. But what is vaginal rejuvenation? And what are the benefits? I spoke to expert Katie Alex, owner of Katie Alex Aesthetics, to find out more.

Hi Katie! How would you sum up vaginal rejuvenation for anyone who hasn’t heard of it before?

I’d describe vaginal rejuvenation as the internal and external tightening of the vaginal area using radiofrequency, which is based on heat and via an electrical current. You aim to heat the vaginal tissue to around 40 degrees, which stimulates new collagen and elastin, and thickens and tightens the vaginal area. I, personally, use the Ultra Femme 360 device in my clinic.

Sounds amazing! So who would most likely benefit from vaginal rejuvenation?

My typical demographic is really varied but is made up mainly of women between 30 and 45, who have finished having children and things just aren’t the same down there anymore. Then, there are also women going through the menopause, and post-menopausal women who have dryness, laxity and discomfort.

I also treat younger women, who have low confidence and are embarrassed about their labias or are experiencing discomfort down there - so it’s a treatment that’s appreciated by many different types of women.

I generally say that women will need around three sessions, and the results generally last between 18 months and two years depending on the presenting symptoms, severity of the symptoms, lifestyle factors, age and original levels of collagen.

That’s pretty impressive. Our vaginas are not generally a go-to topic for women, so do you find this treatment is still a bit of a taboo?

There’s a massive taboo around vaginal rejuvenation and I don’t think there should be. We’re all happy to say we have anti-wrinkle injections, fillers or veneers, but we all have a vagina, and 50% of women over 50 have stress urinary incontinence. Why aren’t we talking about it?

It’s frustrating that people don’t know about this amazing treatment that prevents them from having invasive surgery. So my ultimate aim is to promote and educate around this topic and break down the taboo.

Vaginal issues affect so many areas of a woman’s life - relationships, marriage, emotional wellbeing...It can also affect your sex life if you are experiencing dryness, soreness, discomfort or a lack of sensation. And then there’s the embarrassment that can occur because of leaks. There are a lot of benefits to this treatment rather than just an aesthetic outcome.

You mentioned wanting to help women avoid vaginal surgery. What are the main benefits of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation like radiofrequency compared to surgery?

Surgery can tighten the internal canal but there are lots of associated risks, including scarring, tissue damage, nerve damage, infection, pain and lengthy downtime. With radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation, there are no risks. No downtime, no pain, no discomfort and no nerve damage. And it’s quick.

I know that some practitioners out there use lasers, but I, personally, wouldn’t dream of treating a vagina with a laser because it’s painful, there’s downtime and there’s a risk of infection.

So, what can a patient expect from a radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation session?

Internally, I always tell patients that they might feel a bit of warmth - a bit like a hot stone massage. But it would never burn or feel too hot. All the women I’ve treated have said that there’s absolutely nothing to it. There is a small attachment that I can use if the patient felt it was too big, but then I would question why we were tightening.

For external treatment, again, it can feel warm, but wouldn’t burn. If a patient felt like it was getting too warm, I could turn it down slightly.

During the session, we chat, we laugh and it’s done and dusted in no time! It is classed as a lunch hour treatment, so you could go back to work, go to the gym, pick the kids up from school...there’s zero downtime to worry about.

That’s reassuring. So, when you say it’s a lunch hour treatment, how long exactly does a vaginal rejuvenation session take?

The first consultation consists of going through consent and medical history and lasts around 45 minutes for that session. But then for internal treatments, every lady has a treatment that lasts about ten minutes, and for external treatments, it’s about three and a half minutes per area. You have the two sides of the labia majora or two sides of the labia minora, and you’ll likely be in for about 20-30 minutes depending on the individual.

Amazing! It’s always great when something so effective is also so speedy. What do you love most about treating women using vaginal rejuvenation, Katie?

I love changing people’s lives and making them feel good about themselves again, giving them their confidence back - sexually, physically and holistically.

It’s great when women come back after their first or second treatment because they’re so positive. It’s lovely to know you’re doing something that helps so many women in so many ways.

That must be a great feeling. Thanks so much for teaching us a bit more about vaginal rejuvenation, and good luck in your quest to break down the taboo! We’re right here with you!

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