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What Are Fillers? Glowday Video

Glowday's Hannah and Kelly visit Allure Aesthetics to find out more about fillers, and Nicki shares her first lip filler experience with us.

Interested in lip fillers, midface fillers, tear trough fillers, liquid rhinoplasty and more, but still have questions? We feel ya! So, Glowday's Hannah and Kelly went down to Allure Aesthetics to lift the lid on some of those non-surgical treatments you want to know more about. Read on - or watch the video below - to hear their chat about dermal fillers - what they are, how they work, their main benefits, side effects and risks. And they catch up with the lovely Nicki, who gets lip fillers for the first time. Let’s go take a look…

What are fillers? And how long do they last?

Kelly: So, this is Nicki, and she’s going to have some lip filler. Is that, right?

Hannah: Yes, she is.

Kelly: What on earth is a filler?

Hannah: The vast majority of fillers, these days, are hyaluronic acid-based. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen in our lips decreases so, therefore, they get thinner. Fillers then replace that lost volume.

Hannah: They can last anything from six months to 18 months depending on the filler used.

Kelly: We’re going in! We’re going in!

Hannah: Rosin will fill to add volume and then, around the border, she’ll likely thread a line of filler.

Kelly: Have you had fillers, Han?

Hannah: Yeah, I have.

Kelly: Is it a stinger?

Hannah: It’s a stinger. I’m a massive baby. I’ve had this exact amount of volume put into my lips and it will take me a while to go back to get the next lot done, but I definitely will.

Who shouldn’t have fillers? And what are the risks?

Kelly: Is there any reason why you shouldn’t have fillers?

Hannah: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not. The risks of fillers are pretty severe if they’re in the wrong hands. Fillers are not prescription-only. Anyone can train to inject fillers, but not everyone knows where blood vessels are in your face. Basically, you want to be with someone who - if something did go awry - can deal with any complication.

What are fillers used for?

Kelly: Can fillers be used for anything else, other than lips?

Hannah: Practitioners tend to use Botox for treatments of the top third of the face, and any wrinkles or lines you have in the bottom third of the face tend to be treated with fillers. Practitioners can put really subtle amounts of fillers in the cheeks to raise them, they can also reshape your jawline, add structure to your chin, perform liquid rhinoplasty...there’s loads of uses. These non-surgical treatments are all, typically, treatments you can have done within your lunch hour, and you can get back to work straight after or the next day.

Kelly: So it might be a bit of a sting, but what’s a bit of a sting when you have beautiful lips at the end?

Hannah: Exactly.

Nicki’s first lip filler experience

Hannah: So, Nicki, how was it?

Nicki: It was good, thank you.

Hannah: As bad as you’d anticipated or not quite so bad?

Nicki: No! I was quite nervous about the filler, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be.

Kelly: And what we all really want to know is did it hurt?

Nicki: No, it didn’t hurt. There was a bit of a tingle but it didn’t hurt at all. It was fine.

If you want a gorgeous pout like Nicki's, check out the hundreds of medically qualified aesthetic practitioners listed on Glowday - and get your glow on!

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