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Having Wrinkle Relaxing Was Not An Easy Decision For Me

Student and mental health blogger, Beth Harwood, 30, from London talks to Glowday about why having wrinkle relaxing, even in small doses, was a dilemma for her yet has had a remarkably positive impact on her mental wellbeing. We also talk to Beth's practitioner Dr Rosie Sutton from Tweak East to find out what the process involved.

Tweak East.

Hi Beth! Can You Share Your Journey To Wrinkle Relaxing?

I've written about it in my blog but I've struggled to admit to having injectables. For a long time it felt at odds with my passion for the natural world - following the rhythms of nature, the cycles of time; lunar and seasonal cycles. Western astrology to Ayurveda. It's a part of me. But, I have another side which loves travel and doesn't offset their carbon footprint (can you feel the guilt there), Starbucks fake coffee, shopping at certain unethical brands. But to see myself as two, would not be inclusive- and we all are multifaceted

Are You Pleased With Your Decision?

I've been self conscious about the lines between my brows and on my forehead for a long time, my skin is quite delicate and I noticed fine lines which were apparent even when I was resting my face.

It is without a doubt the best beauty decision I have ever made for myself! I think when getting any treatment, even a massage or hair cut, we need to ask ourselves whether we're doing this to make ourselves feel better or even better. My lines weren't disproportionally impacting my life - I felt fairly good and positive anyway, but now I feel further boosted and vivacious - just a little more confident!

As I say in my blog, It's the first time in a very long time that I've taken photos of myself. My confidence in smiling and laughing in photos and in looking at myself in the mirror has increased exponentially. It’s given me an extra glow, from the inside out. A dewy forehead and shimmering eyes, filled with joy.

You can clearly see below the before and after of the external difference, however the internal one is something which may be less visible to the naked eye. I have experienced a reduction in barraging thoughts, of looking and feeling tired, haggard. There has been a dramatic increase of smiling, and getting on with my day. Because the mental space cleared in my brain from having botox is remarkable.

Beth's amazing before and after photo following wrinkle relaxing with Tweak East.

How Did You Feel During The Treatment?

Honestly, just a sharp scratch! I have regular blood test and this was far easier and relatively pain free!

Did You Experience Any Side Effects?

I had the tiniest bit of bruising which went after a few day, from day five there was a huge difference with the appearance of my forehead!

How Did You Choose Your Practitioner?

I researched locally and asked a lot of friends for recommendations, after narrowing down the list I followed their Instagram accounts to see before and after photos. I decided I wanted to choose a dentist because of their anatomical knowledge. I am SO happy I found Dr Rosie, I've talked about how she made me feel in my blog piece.

Thanks for sharing your experience Beth and what amazing results you've had both physically and mentally! Now let's chat to Dr Rosie about her approach when treating you.

Hi Dr Rosie! Tell Us How Things Were From Your Perspective. What Was The Aim of Beth's Treatment?

Beth came to me with an interest in antiwrinkle treatments, with her main concern being some lines on her forehead and between her brows, but Beth was super concerned about any results looking potentially fake or unnatural.

I reassured Beth that I aim for the most natural results and I tailor the treatment to individual requirements. I advised starting with a small dose, with the aim to keep expressions as natural as possible, with a review in two weeks. This is actually a really important step, to assess the results and see if any further tweaks are necessary.

Doctor Rosie Sutton from Tweak East, who specialises in natural and subtle aesthetic treatments.

How Did You Achieve The Result You Did?

I used small doses of a drug called Botox - this treatment is often referred to as Baby Botox - in very precise areas on the forehead and glabella, relaxing the muscles responsible for creating the lines and wrinkles, ultimately resulting in a smooth forehead while still allowing some movement and expressions.

What Is Your Advice To Other People Who Want Wrinkle Relaxing But Are Anxious About It?

It's really normal to feel anxious prior to an aesthetics treatment, especially when it's your first time. To alleviate this and to ensure you're in the best hands possible, make sure you choose a medically qualified professional who can offer you a full and thorough consultation. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your worries and just make sure that the treatment is right for you.

Tweak East, a gorgeous clinic offering gorgeous treatments!

Thank you Dr Rosie, we love your work and your clinic! If you're looking for a practitioner for a wrinkle relaxing consultation search here.

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