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How Do I Find A Good Injector?

I often browse sites like mumsnet to see what women are saying about injectables like Botulinum toxin and fillers. It’s a great snapshot of the conversations that happen between ‘ordinary’ women. It's a delicious peek into women's lives, peppered with savage Karens who LOVE to give their unbridled opinions, served with a side dish of venom.

It does, however, serve an accurate reflection of the common conversations that develop when someone ‘confesses’ to having had injectables. It goes something like this:


“Just posting to say, if you're my sort of age and undecided, do it! I'd 'ummmed' and 'aaahed' about it for ages and kept persevering with different serums, moisturisers etc, hoping for the magic elixir! Cost put me off and the worry of it going wrong, or looking silly. I finally had it for the first time last week. Saw a highly recommended local aesthetician who was very knowledgeable, went through all my concerns etc and even suggested I DIDN'T have my laughter lines done as it wouldn't suit. The full results show in two weeks, but already I can see an amazing transformation. I look as happy as I am, rather than the slightly cross look my 11s gave. It looks natural, there's still movement, it just all looks a lot less creased! Like a nicely ironed pillow case.”


Hmmm but you put poison in your face 🤷‍♀️


That's great! How did you find your practitioner? Who gave you the recommendation? I would love to have this done.

How Did You Find Your Practitioner?

I wouldn’t mind betting my next Beauty Pie box that this is the number one question asked by any woman when they’re talking to someone else who reveals they’ve had injectables. We are desperate to get that nugget of info, to find out where they went, how much it cost, if it hurt … and in those split seconds our 58th mental tab of the day is opened, and we’re already booking in a consultation because we’ve FOUND SOMEONE.

Click here to find someone local to you

But Why Is It So Hard To Find Someone?

Well, it’s not. But I’ll come on to that. This mumsnet poster sums up the two main reasons why, until now, it’s been difficult to know who to go and see for injectables.

“It's hard to find recommendations though as it seems a lot of friends keep it secret! Understandably, there's always a critic."

That hits the nail on the head. Women keep it a secret! Either because they feel embarrassed about it and that they have somehow let feminism, or even themselves down. Or, that they will be judged and criticised for not ageing gracefully (whatever that means) or for ‘faking it’ and putting ‘poison’ in their face.

Should We Keep Treatments A Secret?

I'm not sure there is a binary answer to this. I personally believe that we should be open about it. As with any women's issues; periods, miscarriages, the menopause - the more we talk about it the more the stigma is diminished, the more it becomes normalised and the more we realise it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But, on the flip side, what we do to our bodies, to our faces, to our hair, is our business. Why do we need to talk about it? Why do we need to ‘admit’ to anything? Can we just look great without having to explain it or justify it please? It’s like having a great dress on, being complimented by someone else and immediately declaring where it’s from: ‘NEW LOOK’. ‘No way?’. ‘Yep’.

Sigh, we’re a funny bunch us women aren’t we!

So Where Can I Find A Great Practitioner If My Friends Won’t Tell Me?

Well, this is why Glowday exists. We’re the first website where you can find practitioners offering botox and fillers near you, compare their treatments and prices, and you can book discreetly from your phone, at the touch of a button.

But How Do I Know Who’s Good And Who To Trust?

Qualifications. Training. Reviews. Before and after photos.

These are the things patients tell us they want to see when deciding on a practitioner.

On a Glowday practitioners profile, not only can you see the practitioner’s before and after photos, you can also read verified reviews from other real-life people - we know the patient, practitioner, procedure & price paid for each review left on Glowday.

PLUS, you have the added reassurance that all of the practitioners on Glowday are appropriately qualified, and we have checked their registered with a relevant statutory body, they have provided us with their training vertificates and insurance details.

A before and after from Dr Nazreen Morley who is based in Liverpool.

When Do I Know Is The Right Time?

There isn’t a right or wrong time, it’s up to you. But if it’s just fear of what other people might think or say stopping you - now is the time - because that’s not a good enough reason! When you book a treatment on Glowday, you’ll always have a consultation first, because we only have medics listed with us and they ALWAYS complete a consultation. This will enable you to hear all of the relevant information, and decide if it’s right for you. They’ll also talk you through the risks and benefits. Do not underestimate the importance of a good consultation, this review here for Kelsey Bailey describes why it’s such an important step for any treatment

Is Botox Worth It? Will I Look Better?

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but we don’t hear from many women who regret their decision. And on the face of it (no pun intended) you may not look any different to anybody else. The majority of women who book treatments on Glowday aren’t doing it to look different or change their face - they’re doing it to feel more like themselves. This mumsnet user sums it up pretty perfectly:

“I realised through lockdown that quite a few friends must have it, just from their photos on social time went on their previously smooth forehead looked more like mine! That was the decider really, that "everyone else has it...It does look sooo much better. I've had a huge amount of stress and worry the last ten years, and it really showed in my face. Things are great now but the lines were there and I wanted to look as happy and chilled as I am."

Hang On, I’m A Man. How About Injectables For Me? Is It Just For Women?

95% of all cosmetic treatments are administered on women, but this is changing. Men are getting on it now! Who knows, maybe if the fellas start talking about it, it will become even less of a ‘thing’? We’re definitely seeing more men book treatments on Glowday and were thrilled to read this review (again for the amazing Kelsey!)

Okay, I’m Ready To Book In For A Consultation, What Do I Do?

It’s really simple, just click here and have a look around, read the reviews, look at all the gorgeous before and after photos and book straight in from your phone! And, if you don't want to tell anyone, that's cool. Your secret is safe with us.

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