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Is It Ever Okay To Buy Someone Injectables For Christmas?

It's the 22 December and this morning my husband declared he needed to go into town today. No other context and of course I haven't asked, because I know it's the standard oh-it's-christmas-in-three-days-I-better-get-something-for-Kelly. I'm going to take a punt that he's on his way to Boots to get me some perfume and All Saints for a jumper because he knows I like most stuff in there.

Deidre tried really hard to be happy with her crocheted place mat but she would have preferred some cheek filler.

What Do I Really Want?

I'm actually very happy with anything and he's good at presents, generally. As long as it's not a practical present like a frying pan, then we're all good. I never stipulate what I really want a) because I don't really know, anything I want I tend to buy myself anyway, b)I do like a surprise and c) because I stipulate and dictate everything else in our lives, so it's nice to have rest from giving instructions (winky face). However, having suggested on Glowday's social media that people might want to consider giving their loved-one vouchers for an aesthetic clinic this Christmas, I've been considering how I would actually feel if he bought me injectables for Christmas.

Is It Okay To Buy Someone Injectables For Christmas?

Now, some couples will be very proactive and open with their non-surgical cosmetic treatments. They'll be no secrets about it, the woman (and yes perhaps the man, but let's not forget 90% of these treatments are bought by women) will be quite open about her regular wrinkle relaxing injections, the fella will know when she's had a top-up and it's as much part of her routine as getting her hair or nails done. In this scenario, I would imagine presenting someone with a injectables gift voucher would be a very Kardashian 'oooh baby, you got me a new face, yay! Gee, I love you' moment. For others though, it's a risky strategy isn't it. How are you supposed to know your partner won't divorce you on the spot for even implying that she needs wrinkle relaxing injections (Fyi, nobody needs it, but plenty of people want it!).

It's A Fine Line To Tread

The truth is, lads, you can't actually buy someone injectables. You get them a gift voucher for an aesthetics clinic. And when you buy your wife, girlfriend, mum or sister a voucher for an aesthetics clinic, you're buying them an in-depth consultation, with recommendations bespoke to them.

But Won't They Be Offended?

If you've never discussed aesthetics treatments before and you present it as 'I'VE BOUGHT YOU SOMETHING THAT MIGHT MAKE YOU LOOK BETTER' then yes, they might be a bit irked! It depends on the person. They might be over-the-moon!

BUT, as mentioned above, here's the important part: aesthetic clinics don't just do injectabled. They do amazing high-grade facials, they offer incredible skincare advice, they do microneedling, chemical peels and laser-hair-removal, they give luxury skin boosting treatments like Profhilo. They provide state-of-the-art new treatments like Morpheus8 and more specialised treatments like vaginal rejuvenation (yeah, okay, definitely don't tell your wife that's what you've bought her!)

So when you buy someone a voucher for an aesthetics clinic, you aren't actually buying them a specific treatment and you aren't suggesting they NEED to do anything with their face, you're buying them a treat. You're giving them the keys to a whole host of lush treatments tailored just to them. They might well indeed opt for injectables. Equally, they might simply buy some medical-grade Retinol or have a WOW facial.

Trust Me, It Will Be Appreciated.

Whatever treatment they choose, the majority of women will LOVE having a voucher. If they're aesthetics veterans, they'll be chuffed to have their next treatment paid for (or have some money towards it) it might entice them to try the new thing they've been thinking about. If they're aesthetic virgins, they'll be pleased to pop their cherry, even if it's with a non-invasive treatment.

Seriously, the majority of women over 30 will have thought about it and will want to try something, the average research time from thinking about a treatment to having a treatment is seven years (I know, we're weird people) and cost is one of the main barriers to them treating themselves.

There you go dear, 9mls of Botox, just what you wanted.

Have A Look Who Is Offering Treatments Near You

I know my husband doesn't know where our local aesthetics clinics are despite The Dawn Clinic being on our road and he wouldn't think to pop into my amazing dentist Anna at Wellwood round the corner to get me a voucher. But then I don't think he'd think to buy me a voucher in the first place, for this kind of treatment, so that's why I'm helping you out and telling you what to do!

The best thing to do is see who has a clinic near you by searching on Glowday. You can be assured then all of the clinics that come up are trained, qualified, insured, safe and verified by Glowday. Pick one you like the look of and pop down and by some vouchers!

You're welcome. Happy Christmas!

Always chose a medically qualified professional and clinic. Find them right here on Glowday.

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