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There's A New Magical Skin Boosting Treatment In Town!

We have a lot of clever, studious and curious practitioners on Glowday. It's what sets us apart. Not only are they trained in a medical discipline, not only do they perform amazing subtle, natural and bespoke aesthetic treatments, not only do they attend and provide the very best aesthetic training courses but they also only use premium, high-quality and innovative products. There is a very good reason you'll pay more for your treatments with a medical pro than you will with a beautician - they're not buying cheap toxins and fake fillers from eBay!

In fact, they are obsessed with the products they use, they research them extensively, they analyse the data and they seek out new and better treatments continuously. Whereas a non-medic practitioner will tend to only use one type of product for a particular treatment, it's likely one of Glowday's medical practitioners will have a range of products for each treatment that they will use depending on your particular needs and what product works best in that scenario.

Nobody is more diligent with new product developments and their efficacy than Dr Steve Land from Novellus Aesthetics in Newcastle. Some may call it geeky, we call it genius! Here he shares his thoughts on a new skin booster product, Hydro Deluxe, which may just give Profhilo a run for its money!

Skin Boosters like Profhilo are having a moment. Book yours on Glowday today!

Thanks Steve For Getting Your Glowday Geek On! So, What Are Skin Boosters And How Do They Work?

Skin boosters has become a generic name for a range of injectable products from a range of manufacturers. At a basic level they do exactly as described - boost your skin. By actively injecting products into the deeper layers of the skin we can get the nourishment and ingredients into the place that skincare simply cannot reach and stimulate the skin in ways that were previously impossible.

Dr Steve Land, the consummate pro who enjoys nothing more than a good skin boosting product!

What Do Skin Boosters Have In Them?

All skin boosters contain hyaluronic acid - the same basic ingredient as dermal fillers. But, whereas dermal fillers use big chains of hyaluronic acid and glue them together well to make a gel, in skin boosters they tend to use smaller chains and less (or no) ‘glue’ making them much runnier and more watery. Inject this into the skin and take advantage of hyaluronic acids ability to attract and hold onto water and you are going to super hydrate your skin as the runny HA spreads under the surface. Some products also contain lots of other lovely ingredients for your skin - amino acids, vitamins and minerals - some use modified HA molecules that trick your skins repair cells - the fibroblasts - into working more, boosting collagen, elastin and your own hyaluronic acid production.

Cor, Sounds Delicious! Are There Any In Particular To Look Out For?

Well, funny you should ask this, ahem, but I'm really digging a new booster from the aesthetic products manufacturer Neauvia called the Hydro Deluxe.

Why is Neauvia Hydro Deluxe different?

The Hydro booster from Neauvia is a new paradigm in skin boosters. It contains the hyaluronic acid that you need to hydrate the skin and give it a glow, it contains the amino acids to nourish and stimulate your fibroblasts, but it also contains a magic ingredient - calcium hydroxyapatite. CaHA has been around for a while and fillers made entirely from it (Radiesse) have been around since 2006.

CaHA stimulates your fibroblasts to produce much more collagen and elastin. It’s a naturally occurring mineral, safe for the human body boosting neocollagenesis (this is the name of the process where your body repairs and rebuilds).

Radiesse is a gel like dermal filler that is used to fill moderate to deep lines, but there has been much interest and many studies over the last few years looking at altering it to use as a skin booster. Practitioners are diluting down the original filler and using it to stimulate collagen synthesis within the skin.

Nothing beats the glow after a skin booster treatment, here's Glowday's CEO Hannah after her Profhilo session

We Like The Sound Of This Magic. So How Does It Work?

Neauvia has developed a product that has the advantages of a traditional skin booster (hyaluronic acid and amino acids) with the added benefits found by the collagen boosting action of calcium hydroxyapatite. However the affects are multiplied not just additive. By incorporating the CaHA into the hyaluronic acid during the manufacturing process rather than just diluting an existing product with water it ensures the perfect amount is available to the body and is held in position, in the skin by the molecules of HA for longer.

The hyaluronic acid provides an immediate plumping, hydrating effect; the amino acids nourish the fibroblasts and stimulate collagen and elastin growth; the CaHA stimulates fibroblast growth and neocollagenesis and increased natural HA production - the perfect combination. After treatment, the hydration, density and elasticity the skin are improved with long lasting results.

So It's A Big Thumbs Up From You Then?

Yes. Skin boosters are one of the most in-demand treatments at present and in my opinion, due to its unique formula, Hydro-Deluxe from Neauvia offers something new in this arena with the perfect combination of hydration, nourishment and stimulation to give an immediate and sustained effect.

Thanks Dr Steve. This sounds so good. We're excited to see the results in patients! If you're interested in skin boosters (or any other treatments) you can book directly with Dr Steve right here or if you're looking for a skin booster treatment with someone closer to you then have a look who we have near you here.

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