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New Feature: What’s the Difference Between a Glowday Review and a Testimonial?

Whether you’re new to Glowday or you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know our stance on how important reviews are to your Glowday profile (in case you’ve forgotten, we’ll give you a quick recap in a mo). But we’ve also been listening to your needs, and our brand new feature allows you to please prospective clients by uploading your own testimonials if you’re yet to get Glowday reviews. So, what’s the difference between testimonials and reviews? What does having each of these nailed mean for you and your potential patients? And how do you get testimonials up and running? Let’s take a look…

Glowday reviews: Why are they so important?

We can’t stress enough just how important it is to have reviews on your Glowday profile. We’ve seen that clients spend a lot of time looking at your whole page. They’ll analyse your bio, they’ll glance through your photos and they’ll check out before and afters. But they also really like to look at reviews. Why’s this so important? Well, imagine you’re buying a new car, booking a hotel or comparing insurance deals. You want to see what other people think of the one you’re interested in, right? So you take a look at their reviews. If the reviews are good and plentiful, you proceed with your purchase or booking. If the reviews are bad, you probably move on to the next.

And it’s the same with aesthetic treatments. Patients like to take a look at what others think of your work, and if they’re satisfied that other people have had a great experience with you, they’re all the more likely to book. Also, the more reviews you have, the further up the Glowday search rankings you’ll appear, meaning you’ll likely get even more bookings.

Still not convinced about the power of reviews? We recently surveyed 80 people between the ages of 20 and 69, to find out their thoughts on aesthetic treatments, and of those who were interested in getting a tweakment but hadn’t yet, over a third said that fear and lack of knowledge were major blockers. But reviews and before and after images are key to building trust, reducing fear and making people feel more at ease about treatments. After all, if someone’s going to be coming at your face with a needle, you want to know they’re not going to make a mess!

How we collect your reviews

We know it can be a bit awkward asking for a review. And we also know that there are lots of dodgy, fake reviews out there. I mean, even vendors on some of the biggest marketplaces in the world are up to it. And that’s why Glowday collects all client reviews on behalf of our practitioners. Your client books in for their treatment with you via Glowday, you confirm and go ahead with the treatment, and once you’ve filled out your treatment card, we contact the patient on your behalf to ask for a review. This means you don’t have the hassle of asking, and prospective clients can be sure that reviews haven’t just been made up or tweaked to suit the practitioner. They’re all real and verified!

So what’s a testimonial, and how does it differ from a Glowday review?

As you build out your profile and you’ve been on Glowday for a while, the reviews will come naturally. But we’ve listened to your feedback and understand that, at the start, a lack of reviews can hold you back. So, we’re now allowing you to add five of your best reviews (these don’t need to be with people who have booked through Glowday) and the associated five before and afters to your profile to get your Glowday profile up and running with a bang. These are Glowday testimonials and will give you a leg up if you’re a new practitioner, as they’ll allow anyone looking at your profile to see how awesome your existing or past clients think you are.

We’re obviously in a bit of a weird time but, while we can’t get you bookings right now, we can help get your Glowday profile looking absolutely incredible ready for when you reopen your doors. You know your current clients love you, but testimonials and your amazing before and after images will allow potential new clients to realise just how great you are too.

Like your Glowday reviews, testimonials will appear on your Glowday bio, but where they really differ is that, unlike Glowday reviews, they won’t appear in search results and won’t contribute to your ranking.

How are testimonials checked?

We know that you’re likely super trustworthy and that you wouldn’t cheat the system, but in order to protect our clients and make the testimonial feature safe and efficient for everyone, we’ll be asking for the mobile numbers of those who’ve written your testimonials and we’ll do spot checks to ensure they’re bona fide.

How to get your testimonials up and running

Adding your five testimonials couldn’t be easier! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Log In” at the top of the page and sign into your account
  • Click “Dashboard”
  • Click “My Account”
  • Click “Testimonials”
  • Copy your review from wherever it currently is, and paste it here
  • Add a combined before and after photo
  • Supply the client’s name and telephone number

And that’s it!

Complete these, and once we’ve spot checked a few, they will appear on your profile, giving it that extra sparkle.

So, get ready to show prospective clients what you can really do! Start adding your testimonials now.

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