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Best Face Treatments For Spring 2024

It's that time of year again! Where we emerge from hibernation, a few pounds heavier, a little bit hairier and start to think about shedding the Oodie and leggings.

As we emerge from the longest UK winter on record (probably not a fact), let's look at some of the best non-surgical cosmetic treatments to give your face a spring reboot!

Best For... An Immediate Glow

WOW Fusion from £250 - £350.

The WOW facial isn't just a standard facial. It's a hydrid mesotherapy/microneedling facial, which packs a punch without the downtime. Sounds goor, right?

The thing about a WOW facial is that it's totally bespoke. It has six stages to it, cleanse & prep, peel & treat, WOW fusion (more on this in a bit), LED therapy, hydrating mask and finally, a finish and protect step. So you get exfoliation, detoxing, regenerating, hydrating and giving you face an amazing cocktail of essential vitamins and peptides.

The magic is in the WOW fusion device. This fella delivers a bespoke cocktail of ingredients, depending on your skin concern, right where they can get to work. The chamber is filled with your bespoke skin serum and the 20 tiny needles deliver the personalised cocktail into your skin...painlessly!

This is a great treatment to refine pores, reduce oiliness, minimise redness and deliver a burst of hydration. Book in now.

Best For...The Perfect Plump

Skin Boosters (e.g Profhilo, Sunekos, Seventy Hyal) from £250.




If you're not fancying fillers. But you're OK with needles. And you wouldn't mind something to help firm up your face and help you get a glow going on...consider a skin boosting treatment such as Profhilo. It could be your new BFF for Spring!

Skinboosters are a bit like injectable skincare. They don't change the shape of your all..but they do give it an almost instant (1-2 days) dose of super hydration.

Essentially a load of hyaluronic acid (HA - the stuff that already keeps our faces firm and plump, that annoyingly, we lose a ton of once we've hit our 20s) is injected with tiny needles into various points of your face.

Rather than just plumping and filling wrinkles, skinboosters prompt your skin to make it's own collagen and elastin. This plumps, hydrates and thickens to the skin. Results last for 4-6 months. You'll need two sessions, six weeks apart. This is the PERFECT treatment before an event. Trust us!

A favourite among celebrities, Martine McCutcheon is a big fan of Profhilo.

Best For... Tackling Texture

Microneedling - from £250 per session.

If there's one skinvestment that has been scientifically proven to solve a tons of concerns - from acne scarring to rosacea - it's microneedling.

According to one study, almost 100 percent of microneedling participants reported a noticeable difference and vast improvement in the appearance of their acne scars after a treatment! It's also magical for hair loss and fine lines.

So, what is it? sounds worse than it is...hear me out!

A microneedling pen has dozens of tiny needles in the tip. Your face is numbed with topical numbing cream, then the microneedling device is passed over the skin as the needles move in and out, making lots of miniscule "channels" in your skin. A serum (containing a bespoke cocktail depending on your concerns) is applied throughout, to supercharge your results.

The skin is tricked into thinking it's been injured, so it goes into 'rebuild' mode and produces lots of lovely stuff like collagen, elastin and hyaluroni acid... which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves the skin's texture. Find someone near you and book in your microneedling treatment.

Best For...Instant Results

Dermal Fillers - from £200 for 1ml.


Love them or hate them, nothing beats them for an instant, satisfying 'Wow look at ME' result.

As we age, we lose volume. As we lose volume, our faces sag. Hollow eyes, sallow cheeks, baggy jowls. Really well placed fillers replace this volume loss and will give the impression that you've spent a good chunk of your winter relaxing in a health spa.

And no, you won't look like a pillow/waxy/weird. If you choose a practitioner who themselves looks normal, you'll end up looking like you, but fresher.

A little bit of filler placed in your cheeks or temples will elevate your face from drab and dropping to fresh and fit!

When choosing a practitioner, check their credentials, training and before and afters. That will help you find one who can provide beautiful, subtle filler treatments.

Best For... Seeing In The Summer

Morpheus8 - from £675 for one session.

From Judy Murray and Amanda Holden to Kim K and Eva Longoria...there's a lot of celeb love for Morpheus8.

iThis treatment has been dubbed 'microneedling on steroids' and uses a handheld device that combines two effective anti-ageing treatments; microneedling and radiofrequency.

It's likely one session of Morpheus8 won't cut it, you'll need at least two, probably three, sessions to see a real result. And, it's not cheap...those three sessions will likely set you back £1800.'s a bit spicy. You'll need a couple of paracetomol before hand and a generous slathering of numbing cream. BUT, when combined with an amazing skincare routine...*chef's kiss*

We don't think there's an aesthetics treatment Amanda hasn't tried, but she's a big fan of Morpheus8!

Best For... Just Getting Rid Of The Wrinkles!

Wrinkle Relaxing, from £150 for one area.

Botox needs no introduction, surely? The number one aesthetics treatment in the UK, you can't beat a bit of Bo for ensuring those lines and wrinkles are banished.

It does take a few weeks to settle in, so now's an excellent time to book in to get you peak Spring ready. And not, you won't look frozen. Good practitioners will want to smooth your furrows without freezing you beyond recognition! Unless that's what you want!

You should always have a consultation with a prescriber, who can determine whether wrinkle relaxing is a safe and suitable treatment for you. You can find a qualified, trained and experienced practitioner near you right here on Glowday.

Best For... smooth bits and pits!

Laser hair removal, from £100 for one area.

If you're someone who chooses to de-fuzz when the sun comes out, you know that it's a chore.

Whether it’s waxing or shaving, plucking or threading, the whole process is time-consuming and never ending. Like painting the Forth Bridge. I swear, the minute I shave my legs I can feel the buggars growing back.

But there's another way...laser hair removal.

9-12 sessions and you could be hair-free. Well, have 90% of the hair growth reduced...which is good enough! Having had it on my pits and bits, I can confirm that it's the best money I've ever spent on myself!

Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicle. Light energy from the laser enters the skin and is absorbed by a pigment called melanin in the surrounding hair follicle. The hair follicle overheats and dies, preventing further hair growth. But it only works when the hair is actively growing - hence the multiple sessions.

Make sure you choose someone safe and trustworthy for your treatments, it's really easy to find someone near you - just search here.

There's just a few ideas to give you some Spring in your skin. But there are many many many more treatments you can try. Check out our blog for some ideas or have a peek at the treatment menus on the profiles of some of the brilliant practitioner who are near you.

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