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Why does an ordinary woman like me have injectables?

We love to share stories from women who are smashing through the stereotypes often associated with non-surgical aesthetic treatments and are helping to end the stigma.

Suzie Green is a 46 year old nurse from Caerphilly in Wales. She has various aesthetics treatments including wrinkle relaxing treatments (commonly referred to as Botox), fillers, Aqualyx (a fat dissolving treatment) and Plexr (a treatment that can remove skin lesions without any cutting). Here, she tells us more about why she has these treatments...

Thanks for sharing your story Suzie. Tell us why you have cosmetic treatments...

It's not just a vanity project. I suffer with bruxism, which has resulted in crumbling teeth, and it's given me a masculine jawline which I dislike. The toxin has cured this and totally softened my jaw line, it's made such a difference.

I also have antiwrinkle injections in my crow’s feet and my elevens, and fillers. I'm just an ordinary, hard-working woman from the Valleys, but they make me feel good. I feel better. It has a positive impact on my mood. I have treatments for nobody else but myself, and it makes me feel so much more confident in my skin.

My friends and I aren’t reality TV stars or rich and famous, we have normal jobs and normal lives, yet most of us have non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and we love it! It’s so normal now and that’s great.

What do you say to people who are judgy?

I do not look radically different or fake, I simply look like the best version of me; me on a good day – every day! It gives me more confidence and I have a spring in my step because if I look better, I feel better. I don't know what anyone would think there's anything wrong with that! I don't have time for anyone who judges.

Suzy after the Plexr treatment to eliminate the sun damage to her nose. This was before she began having muscle relaxants in her jaw.

Do you have any advice to other women thinking about getting antiwrinkle injections and fillers?

PLEASE make sure you see someone who is medically qualified. Despite being a nurse, I fell foul to a Groupon deal once and I ended up with a droopy eyelid. The beautician had no idea what she was doing and there was no recourse for me as she wasn’t accountable to anyone.

Seeing someone medically qualified means you’re seeing someone who follows a set of principles and guidance and their medical ethical code of conduct is at the forefront of their minds. It’s not all about making money. I often go my practitioner, Dr Ras, with a new treatment I’ve discovered or ask her for fillers in my cheeks and she’ll say NO. She’ll tell me I don’t need it and it won’t give me the results I’m expecting. It would be very easy for her to just earn £1500 from me for a thread lift, for example, but she won’t.

I hope the law changes soon to ensure only medically-qualified practitioners can offer these treatments.

Is there anything else you've tried?

Previously I’ve had a treatment to remove a sun-damage spot on my nose (Plexr) which was really effective, and Aqualyx, which is a fat dissolving treatment, in my chin.

Suzy after having her jaw muscles relaxed, which has now completely softened, and stopped her teeth grinding!

What's your thoughts when people say we should grow up gracefully?

What does that even mean? Is it ungraceful to get your hair done or wear make up? It makes no sense. Everybody is on their own journey and nobody has the right to judge anyone else. I’m really happy these treatments are being destigmatised.

[Suzie during PLEXR treatment to remove sun damage spot]

Click on the video above to watch Suzy having her Plexr treatment to remove the sunspot from her nose.

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