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Has Emma Willis Had Botox?

Rumours are swirling that Emma Willis is set to appear in Strictly Come Dancing this year, which is very exciting! We love Emma, she's SO good at what she does, she seems down-to-earth, funny and kind and we can all relate to her being a Mum of three while holding down her career. She is clearly extraordinarily naturally beautiful (what we wouldn't do for those genes!) and at 45 Emma looks incredible, yet totally natural.

So has Emma had any anti-ageing injections?

Obviously we don't know, but we kinda hope she has as she's a brilliant advert for how non-surgical aesthetics, such as fillers and Botox, can be used subtly and naturally to just enhance what you've already got! Just ensure you go to someone who really knows what they're doing, like the pros on Glowday.

Emma Willis looking natural, youthful and beautiful at the age of 45

Has she ever said she's had any work done?

In an interview with OK! Magazine, in 2017, Emma confirmed she might one day consider surgery – but not just yet.

"I’m not against it," Emma revealed. "But at the minute, I’m not ready for it. If I look like Dame Helen Mirren, I won’t touch a thing."

While Emma thanks "genetics" for her radiant complexion, there’s one other thing she swears by for maintaining her amazingly clear skin, and that's lots and lots of water!

Really though, what is the secret to Emma's amazing skin?

Keeping hydrated and drinking water, along with a healthy diet and exercise are the basics for helping to keep your skin glowing, fresh and clear. But as we get older, there are certain biological things going on that no amount of water will help with. Hyaluronic acid is a key component of healthy skin. It is a clear, gel-like substance produced naturally within the skin, making it plump, smooth and glowing. It holds onto moisture like nothing else, and provides a reservoir of water, helping keep your cells hydrated and lubricated. As you age - you’ve guessed it - the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin decrease year on year. The result is a dry, dull and lacklustre complexion. Profhilo is one treatment that can really help to rehydrate and plump your skin, so we wouldn't be surprised if Emma's tried something like this.

Surely Emma's had a bit of Botox?

In the same interview Emma said, "I’ve got plenty of wrinkles, but I think that shows life, laughter and fun. I like my wrinkles!". To be fair, you can still see the dynamic lines in Emma's forehead and her face remains expressive with plenty of movement. Perhaps she's had a dab of Baby Botox, after all she only ruled out surgery and lots of people consider non-surgical aesthetic treatments as inconsequential as getting their hair and nails done (that's another subject for another day!).

What is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox, often referred to as micro-Botox or Botox sprinkle, is the same neurotoxin as your regular Botox but just in smaller doses. It’s exactly the same process, too. The botulinum toxin is injected into the target area and relaxes muscles to reduce movement. And, as a result, you’ll have fewer static lines

For many, baby Botox is the perfect answer to combating the issue of the ‘frozen look’ that is sometimes associated with Botox. Although, we have another article that looks at the fact that this generally isn’t the case.

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Dr Ana Mansouri, aesthetic practitioner at Kat & Co Aesthetics, says baby Botox is her signature treatment. She explains, “It’s a similar approach to a normal anti-wrinkle, but I think of it as a more modern take on softening wrinkles than the more traditional approach. You take a higher dose of toxin to eliminate lines, but with baby Botox, I soften lines in the most undetectable and natural way. You’re still able to move and make expressions, the lines just won’t be as prominent as before. The muscles won’t be quite strong enough to cause lines at rest.

The aim of this subtle treatment is to get rid of the lines at rest but keep the lines while you’re expressing yourself, because that’s part of normality. It’s really undetectable and blends in nicely with the rest of your face and neck, and there’s no need to worry about not being able to move your muscles or feel that you have restricted movement. But it is also, generally, enough to prevent those lines from becoming deepset.”

Whatever Emma has or hasn't had done, we think she looks absolutely fantastic and she's one of our favourite Glowday gals!

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